Building Construction Technician

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September 2022

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USD 12,967

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  • 2 Years
  • On Campus
  • Undergraduate
  • Diploma
Humber’s Building Construction Technician diploma program is one of three stackable programs within the Carpentry-Construction group. Along with the Carpentry and Renovation Techniques certificate, and the Construction Engineering Technology advanced diploma, the program introduces students to the carpentry trade, gives practical experience with trade regulations and with best practices. Students will be able to move from this diploma program into the advanced diploma program.
  • You will learn worksite health and safety practices in accordance with legislation and regulations; and how to review building plans and complete work in compliance with contractual obligations, codes, applicable laws, bylaws, standards and ethical practices. Coursework will include sustainability practices.
  • You will learn to produce project sketches and documents in accordance with project specifications, assist in the preparation of estimations and safely operate tools. You will be well-prepared for all building stages - from site layout and footings to the application of interior and exterior finishes.

Optional Co-op

  • This program offers a co-op option. A co-op work term enables you to apply your skills and knowledge in a work environment and gain valuable, practical experience related to your program of study. You will learn new skills, learn about the world of work and meet people in your profession.
  • For students who are accepted into the program, one co-op work term will take place between Semesters 2 and 3. There are limited spaces in the co-op option. Therefore, during Semester 1, you will be provided information about the application process and will be able to apply to the co-op stream at that time. While co-op work opportunities are not guaranteed, as students are in a competitive job placement market, participating students will receive a wide range of services to help them find a co-op opportunity.

Enrollment Cycles

  • September 2022

Admission Requirements

  • Applicants must meet all the requirements below in order to meet minimum program eligibility. Meeting minimum eligibility requirements does not guarantee an offer of admission. Admission decisions will be available via MyHumber, or by email and mail. Admission decisions will not be released by phone.

Admission selection is based on the following 3 requirements


Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent including these required courses:

  • Grade 12 English (ENG4C or ENG4U or equivalent)
  • Grade 12 Mathematics (MAP4C, MCT4C, MDM4U, MCB4U, MGA4U, MCV4U or MHF4U or equivalent)
  • Two Grade 11 or Grade 12 C, M or U courses in addition to those listed above
  • Mature student status
  • College or university transfer status

English Language Proficiency

  • All applicants whose first language is not English must meet Humber’s English Language Proficiency Policy.
  • International Credit Evaluation
  • Canadian citizens or permanent residents with international education are required to provide a WES or ICAS evaluation.

International Academic Equivalency

  • Admission equivalencies for Humber depend on your country of study. Please enter your location or choose detect my location to see the requirements for your country below.
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Semester 1

Fall 2021 Delivery

  • CARP 100: General Carpentry Safety-Online
  • CARP 101: Hand Tools-In-Person
  • CARP 102: Formwork and Concrete Structures-Online
  • CARP 103: Plans Specifications, Codes and Revit-Online
  • CARP 104: Carpentry Practice 1-In-Person
  • WRIT 108: English 1 for Skilled Trade Professionals-Online

Semester 2

Fall 2021 Delivery

  • CARP 150: Residential Framing
  • CARP 151: Building Envelope
  • CARP 152: Power Tools and Equipment
  • CARP 153: Estimating, Calculation and Layout
  • CARP 154: Carpentry Practice 2
  • GNED 101: An Introduction to Arts and Sciences
  • TMTH 110: Mathematics for the Home Renovation Technician

Semester 3

Fall 2021 Delivery

  • BCTI 200: Equal and Unequal Sloped Roofs-Online
  • BCTI 201: Interior Finishes-Online
  • BCTI 202: Construction Layout Principles-Online
  • BCTI 203: ICI Plans Calculations Specifications and Code-Online
  • BCTI 204: Carpentry Practice 3-In-Person
  • TMTH 210: Mathematics for Construction

Semester 4

Fall 2021 Delivery

  • BCTI 250: Stairs and Ramps Theory
  • BCTI 251: Stairs and Ramps Practical
  • BCTI 252: ICI Construction
  • BCTI 253: Exterior Finishes
  • BCTI 254: Carpentry Practice 4
  • WRIT 208: English 2 for Skilled Trade Professionals
  • Select 1 from the following courses
  • GNED: General Electiv

Domestic Fees by Semester

Semester 1 2022-23 Fees

Tuition $1,282.18 

  • Compulsory Ancillary Fee $334.43 
  • Compulsory Student Union Fee $62.50
  • IGNITE Health and Dental Insurance Fee $104.23 
  • Program Ancillary Fee $873.49 
  • Co-op/Placement $0.00 
  • Total $2,656.83

 Semester 2 2022-23

 Fees Tuition $1,282.18 

  • Compulsory Ancillary Fee $334.43
  •  Compulsory Student Union Fee $62.50
  •  IGNITE Health and Dental Insurance Fee $104.23 
  • Program Ancillary Fee $0.00 
  • Co-op/Placement $0.00 
  • Total $1,783.34 

Semester 3 2022-23 Fees 

Tuition $1,282.18 

  • Compulsory Ancillary Fee $334.43
  •  Compulsory Student Union Fee $62.50
  •  IGNITE Health and Dental Insurance Fee $104.23
  •  Program Ancillary Fee $50.85 
  • Co-op/Placement $0.00 
  • Total $1,834.19 

Semester 4 2022-23 Fees 

Tuition $1,282.18

  • Compulsory Ancillary Fee $334.43 
  • Compulsory Student Union Fee $62.50
  •  IGNITE Health and Dental Insurance Fee $104.23
  •  Program Ancillary Fee $0.00
  •  Co-op/Placement $0.00 Total $1,783."

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