Biological Sciences (MSc)

University of Windsor, Canada
Biological Sciences (MSc)
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2 Years On Campus Postgraduate Degree

This is a Research based Program.

Our PhD program offers opportunities for advanced independent research and study, culminating in presentation and defense of a dissertation.

Our PhD program offers opportunities for advanced independent research and study, culminating in presentation and defense of a dissertation.
The PhD degree is normally completed in three to five years (a two-year minimum applies if students already hold a recognized MSc degree).
During this time, students take a minimum of three courses and present their departmental seminars.
Research Interests
Our faculty are outstanding biologists with international reputations as excellent researchers. Our graduates have achieved success at all levels of academia, industry, and government, and have also used their education as a springboard to success in professional programs including medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, and physical therapy. Sample areas of research interest can be found below:

  • Aquatic ecology
  • Developmental genetics
  • Bioinformatics and systems biology
  • Avian behaivioural ecology
  • Evolutionary biology
  • Exotoxicology modeling
  • Cell cycle regulation
  • Stem cell and cancer cell biology
  • Predictive ecology
  • Olfactory system in fishes
  • Hearing and Auditory Neuroscience

Enrollment Cycles

  • May 2024
  • September 2024
  • January 2025

Entry Requirements

Program Specific Admission Requirements

  • Deadline for Fall: July 1
  • Deadline for Winter: November 1
  • Deadline for Summer: March 1
  • 4 Year honours degree in a related field
  • Minimum TOEFL: IBT- 83
  • Minimum IELTS: 6.5
  • Minimum Pearson: 65

Additional Requirements

  • Applicants are required to complete a Statement of Research Interest Form available from the Biological Sciences webpage (under "Important Resources").

Degree Requirements

  • Students may pursue one of the following fields within the MSc in Biological Sciences:
  • Molecular/Cellular Biology
  • Ecology, Evolution, Environment, and Behaviour
  • Behaviour and Neuroscience

1) Students admitted to the Master's Candidacy program will be expected to:
(a) comply with the general regulations;

(b) attend all departmental seminars in Biological Sciences (formal presentations of visiting speakers, graduate student seminars, thesis defense presentations and dissertation defense presentations) each year of full-time registration;

(c) present a departmental seminar in each year of enrollment (the thesis defense may count as one of these);

(d) successfully complete a minimum of two graduate courses with approval of the Master's Committee, courses may be in a cognate area;

(e) complete an original research project and embody it in a thesis;

(f) defend the thesis orally at a public lecture or seminar.

2) Students admitted to the Master's Qualifying program, besides meeting the minimum requirements of the Master's Candidacy program, are expected in the first year of the two-year program to achieve a level of qualification equivalent to an honours degree through research and a minimum of four courses.

3) Grading: A student must maintain at least a 70% in each Biological Sciences course and at least a 70%
average in any non-Biological Sciences courses.

4) Master's Committee: Within one term of the student's registration in the program, the research committee will be formed, and the names submitted to the Dean of Graduate Studies. The full committee will consist of at least three members - the research supervisor, one other faculty member from within Biological Sciences, and one University faculty member from outside of Biological Sciences. The student should meet with individual committee members on an informal basis at least twice a year. The
committee, in turn, must meet to:
(a) review and approve course work and the research proposal no later than six months into the program.

(b) discuss the student's research and thesis at least six months before the anticipated time of the final oral

(c) participate in the final oral examination.

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