Pre-Master's Programme in Business, Social Sciences and Humanities

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Pre-Master's Programme in Business, Social Sciences and Humanities
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Total Cost KES 3,258,348
4 Months Online Postgraduate Pathway Programme

Explore the wide-reaching impact of business or gain fascinating insights into human society and culture.

Business is vital to everyday life, from shopping online to multinational banking. It is an exciting and constantly evolving subject with excellent job prospects. Social sciences studies individuals, societies, and the interactions between both. Humanities centres on the the successes and failures of the human race: our language, literature, the arts, history and more.

The Pre-Master's programme is an opportunity for you to gain more knowledge of your subject as well as practising your English and study skills. After this, you will be ready to make a confident start to your Master's programme at Cardiff University.

Enrollment Cycles

  • April 2024
  • January 2025

Entry Requirements

A programme preparing international students for postgraduate study.

  • Academic Business, Social Sciences and Humanities:
  • English language Academic IELTS for UKVI 6.0 (minimum 5.5 in all skills)
  • Age 20

Core Modules

Critical Reading and Applied Writing Skills
This is a designated module for all Pre-Master’s students on the Business, Social Sciences and Humanities and Computer Science pathways. The module complements the Academic English Skills (AES) Module and helps the students to develop essential critical reading and applied writing skills needed at postgraduate levels. The first section of the module will introduce students to critical reading and writing, lexical and grammatical accuracy and report writing. The second part of the module will move on to explore the rudiments of applied writing skills and how to conduct a literature review. The third part of the module examines personal development strategies and the ability to conduct data analysis and interpret visual and graphical representations of data. 

Global Perspectives
This is a designated module for all Pre-Masters students on the Business, Social Science and Humanities pathway. The module aims to empower students as global citizens with the requisite knowledge of emerging global issues in relation to politics and the economy. To do that, the module provides students with theoretical and practical global perspectives on some key issues, such as: culture, States and foreign policies, environment and leadership.

Business Modules
Contemporary Business Issues
This module introduces students to contemporary business issues and trends in today’s ever changing environment. The first section of the module will introduce students to ongoing technological advancements and activities in today’s business world, contemporary business theories and their application to organisational practices. The second part of the module will provide information on the nature of business organisations, tools for strategic environmental analysis and organisational culture. The final aspect of the module examines consumerism, ethics, supply chain networks, marketing and innovation within organisations.

Humanities, Globalisation and Planning Modules
This is a core module for students progressing to a Master’s degree programme in Human Geography and Planning at Cardiff University. The module will provide students with extensive knowledge of urbanisation and recent trends in urban transformation globally. The first part of the module will introduce students to the history and theories of urbanisation; the second part provides students with the opportunity to examine the impact of urbanisation and the third part of the module considers the ethical issues in urbanisation.

Social Sciences Modules
The globalisation module is essential for students on the Pre-Master’s Social Sciences and Humanities route. The module allows the students to engage with the different definitions of globalisation, approaches to globalisation and highlight the advantages and disadvantages of globalisation. Students will learn key concepts, drivers and impacts of globalisation and will have the opportunity to use real life and contemporary examples to engage in academic debates and discussions on the relationship between globalisation and politics, trade and development.

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