MA in International Trade and Finance (English)

Yasar University, Turkey
MA in International Trade and Finance (English)
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First Year Fee KES 511,123
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2 Years On Campus Postgraduate Degree

Contemporary organizations are affected by the recent developments in the international trade environment, economics, and global financial markets and they need to incorporate these changes into their decision-making processes.

  • Managers today should observe the ever so competitive global environment more carefully and make faster and more accurate decisions. For this reason, the need for managers who will keep up with the rapid changes in the international trade and finance environment is on the rise. Students who will complete the Graduate Program in International Trade and Finance will have a strong finance background and be able to grasp the practical applications of theory and evaluate the interaction between comprehensive global trade processes and international economic and financial environments. Furthermore, they will be able to manage global economic risks like exchange rate risk and interest rate risk and use financial instruments such as; debt instruments, stocks, and derivatives. Additionally, they will gain abilities to understand and generate solutions for issues in international companies.

Career opportunities

  • The Master program in “International Trade and Finance” prepares students for a wide range of job opportunities and employment facilities according to their individual interests and preferences. More specifically, graduates of the program are eligible for several positions in businesses with international and global dimensions and in financial markets such as international sales representative, financial analyst, bank manager, currency expert, international business consultant, stock broker, hedge fund manager, risk management solutions analyst, import-export manager, marketing services manager and financial or managerial accountant, auditor.

Enrollment Cycles

  • February 2024
  • September 2024

Entry Requirements

Entry qualification 

  • Undergraduate diploma (or higher)
  • To be a graduate of any bachelor’s degree program.
  • GRE: Min. 149 or
  • GMAT: 450 or
  • ALES: Min. 55 Any Typ
  • The entry qualification documents are accepted in the following languages: English / Turkish.
  • Often you can get a suitable transcript from your school. If this is not the case, you will need official translations along with verified copies of the original.

Territory requirements 

  • Please be Informed that application details for thesis and without thesis degrees are different and you can apply to only one programme. Transfer option between programmes is possible.

Language requirements 

  • English
  • TOEFL IBT: Min. 78 or its equivalent defined by ÖSYM or YU-FLAT Exam***: Min. 65

Other requirements 

  • At least 1 reference(s) must be provided.
  • A motivation letter must be added to your application.
  • Average of Evaluation Criteria:
  • Min. 65/100

Programme structure

  • Master of Arts (MA) Degree in “International Trade and Finance” is awarded to students who have scored a Cumulative Grade point Average (CGPA) of not less than 3.00 / 4.00 and have completed 7 courses, a seminar and as well as the successful completion of the Master’s Thesis (total of 21 local credits and 120 ECTS) with at least a letter grade of B- or S. A student who has satisfied these conditions completes his/her education and fulfills the necessary conditions for graduation.

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