Graduate Pathway in Finance

INTO Suffolk University, United States
Graduate Pathway in Finance
Next enrollment cycle January 2024 See all cycles
Total Cost KES 5,269,250
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1 Years On Campus Postgraduate Pathway Programme

Graduate Pathway program offering the academic foundation, essential language skills and GMAT/GRE test preparation to successfully move on to master’s degrees.
An INTO Suffolk Graduate Pathway program in Finance will prepare students to enter their next semester of a master’s degree program at Suffolk University.

  • A Pathway program provides academic, language and cultural support in order to succeed at a US university.
  • Students are guaranteed progression to a graduate degree program through a curriculum consisting of credit-earning courses.
  • Students will benefit from fully integrated classes with both domestic and other international students on campus while learning from highly trained university instructors and tutors.
  • Fast facts
  • Class duration
  • 12-16 hours per week
  • Class size
  • Maximum class size for English language teaching
  • 18 Award
  • This program leads a master's degree at Suffolk University.
  • Accelerated Jan & Aug 1Sem
  • Standard Jan & Aug 2Sem

Enrollment Cycles

  • January 2024
  • August 2024

Entry Requirements

Age requirement 16

Academic requirements

  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent with 2.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale.

English language entry requirements

  • 1 Semester: TOEFL iBT 80, IELTS 6.5, PTEA 53, IELA 176, Duolingo 105, or Completion of Academic English Level 6.

Age requirement 16
Academic requirements

  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent with 2.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale.

English language entry requirements

  • 2 Semesters: TOEFL iBT 65, IELTS 5.5, PTEA 44, Password 5.5, IELA 169, Completion of Academic English Level 4, or Duolingo 95.
  • 41 credit hour program
  • 13 credit hours apply from Pathway
  • 28 credit hours remaining toward degree

Semester 1

  • AE 051 Graduate Communication Across Disciplines 0 Credits
  • AE 052 Graduate Academic Success 0 Credits
  • AE 080 Language Support for Accounting and Finance Professionals 0 Credits
  • MBA 615 Economics 1.5 Credits
  • MBA 625 Managerial Statistics 1.5 Credits
  • MBA 640 Corporate Financial Reporting and Control 3 Credits
  • AE 061 Graduate Writing and Research Skills 0 Credits
  • Total 6 Credits

Semester 2

  • AE 062 Graduate Student Success - Career Preparation and Professional Communication 0 Credits
  • MBA 650 Value Based Financial Management 3 Credits
  • FIN 800 Financial Statement Analysis 3 Credits
  • FIN 601 Introduction to Statistics, Accounting, & Finance Intensive 1 Credits
  • Total 7 Credits


* These courses are generally delivered through the INTO Center and are for Pathway students only.

  • 2-Semester Pathway programs beginning in Spring enroll Semester 1 during the Spring and Semester 2 during the following Fall. No Pathway courses are offered during Summer semester.
  • Course schedules are subject to change based on course availability, prerequisite requirements and placement exams. Students will receive final schedules upon arrival. AE courses satisfy immigration requirements for full-time enrollment, but do not count for credit toward the student's degree.

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