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BSc (Honours) Biochemistry

University of Windsor, Canada


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September 2023

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First Year Course Fee

USD 25,264

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  • 4 Years
  • On Campus
  • Undergraduate
  • Degree
  • Up to 6% scholarship
This is where chemistry comes to life. If you’re interested in the chemistry of DNA, proteins, and enzymes, as well as the fundamental relationships between chemistry and living organisms, you’ll find this program fascinating.
  • You’ll be in a lab within weeks of starting school and have the chance to do research throughout the program and even participate in a co-op internship. Biochemistry prepares you for professions from the lab to Law.
  • Sample Course: Genetics, Pharmacology, Natural Products, Cell Membrane Biochemistry, Biotechnology Lab
  • Career Tracks: Professional schools (medicine, pharmacy, dentistry), biopharmaceutical and biotechnological industrial researcher, health researcher

Enrollment Cycles

  • September 2023
  • January 2024
  • May 2024
  • Advanced Functions/MHF4U, Chemistry/SCH4U, Biology/SBI4U. English/ENG4U.
  • Strongly Recommended: Calculus & Vectors/MCV4U
  • Minimum Average: 70% (75% average of all required science and math courses)
  • Mean Average (Entering Fall 2019): 86%

Note: Biochemistry students may apply to co-op internship in third year.

This course is available in Co-op Available, Honours 4-year program, Thesis Available and Combined Honours programs

Degree Requirements
Total courses: forty courses

(a) CHEM-1100, CHEM-1110, CHEM-2200, CHEM-2300, CHEM-2310, CHEM-2400, CHEM-2410, CHEM2500, CHEM-2510, CHEM-3210, BIOC-2010, BIOC-3100, BIOC-3110, BIOC-3130, BIOC-3581 (6-credit, 2
semester course) and four additional courses at the 3XXX or 4XXX level.

(b) BIOL-1101, BIOL-1111, BIOL-2111, BIOM-2131, MATH-1760 or MATH-1720, MATH-1730, PHYS1400, PHYS-1410 and STAT-2910;

(c) Four courses from Arts, Languages or Social Sciences;

(d) Seven courses from any area of study.

Note: An internship option is available.

Recommended Course Sequence
Note: STAT-2910 can be taken anytime in second, third or fourth year. 

  • First Year: ten courses, including BIOL-1101, BIOL-1111, CHEM-1100, CHEM-1110, MATH-1720, MATH1730, PHYS-1400, PHYS-1410 and two other courses.
  • Second Year: ten courses, including BIOL-2111, BIOM-2131, CHEM-2300, CHEM-2310, CHEM-2400,
    CHEM-2410, CHEM-2500, CHEM-2510, BIOC-2010 and one other course.
  • Third and Fourth Years: twenty courses, including CHEM-2200, CHEM-3210, BIOC-3100, BIOC-3110,
    BIOC-3130, BIOC-3581 (6-credit, 2 semester course) and four additional courses at the 3XXX or 4XXX
  • Courses used to calculate the major average are: courses listed under requirement (a), and any courses
    taken in the major area(s) of study.
  • Program Type: Undergraduate
  • Major or Degree: Science
  • Course Load: Full Time
  • Fee Category: Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Term: Fall
  • Residence: Alumni Hall - Single in a 2 Bedroom Suite
  • Meal Plan: Full Meal Plan - moderate off campus flexibility.
  • Estimated Total
  • $ 10806.41
  • Base Tuition
  • Base Tuition -  $ 2985.95 - Assessed each term
  • Coop - $ 455.00 - If applicable

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