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Media Studies (BA)

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January 2023

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USD 13,572

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  • 4 Years
  • On Campus
  • Undergraduate
  • Degree

If you are excited by a future in the entertainment arts, digital industries, TV and radio broadcasting, alternative and activist media, social media strategy and marketing, public service and policy work, film and documentary production, web design, the gaming industry, or any combination of the above, then this program is for you.

Media Studies is the communications program of choice for digital communicators. Digital Media Courses will help you develop the most marketable, transferable skills out there – critical thinking, collaboration, communications and research skills. Consider adding Media and Communication Studies to your Bachelor of Arts.

Media Studies explores the convergence of communication, culture, and technology. Courses are designed to encourage students to develop their communication skills — written, oral, visual, multimedia — and increase their critical awareness of the ways various media shape culture. They learn specific technical skills for communicating and researching online, and explore online publishing using hypertext and hypermedia. Existing first- and second-year courses balance theory, discussion, and face-to-face interaction with a strong emphasis on applied skills developed in computer labs and through distance learning strategies. In many respects, students are introduced to what is called the “new media.”

All courses include components to develop strong critical thinking, collaboration, and research skills. Students are supported to research contemporary media, both Canadian and international. Wherever possible, relationships with local media enterprises, broadcasters, and creators are encouraged. Course participants are supported to respond creatively, and in alternate media, to assignments.

Media Studies courses have been on the cutting-edge of online and distance delivery at VIU, and received provincial Innovation, Enrichment, or New Era grants every year since 1996. The department plans to continue this commitment to alternate modes of delivery, providing options for students and practical demonstrations of information technology in the service of learning and research.

Enrollment Cycles

  • January 2023
  • September 2023
  • Students must fulfill all the Institutional B.A. degree requirements, including Degree English

Requirements for a Minor

  • Year 1: Three credits chosen from MEDI 111, 112, 113.
  • Year 2: Three credits chosen from MEDI 200, 205, 211.
  • Years 3 and 4: Minimum of eighteen credits of Media Studies courses numbered 300 and above.

  • Fees for One Year* Amount Tuition (30 credits x $156.80 per credit) 4,704.00 
  • Student Activity fee (4% of tuition) 188.16 
  • Student Services fee (30 credits x $6.93 per credit) 207.90 
  • VIU Students' Union fee (8 months x $20.90 per month) 167.20 
  • Health and Dental Plan fee ($275.00 per year) 275.00 
  • Approximate cost for books and supplies for one year 1,500.00 
  • Total 7,042.26

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