Information Systems - Online

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Information Systems - Online
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First Year Fee KES 5,269,250
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4 Years Online Undergraduate Degree

Availability management, security and preservation of information requires skilled information system professionals. The Bachelor of Science in Information Systems degree motivates you to make outstanding contributions in this essential field. 

This online program emphasizes business applications, information technology infrastructure.
You also have an option to earn graduate credit toward Master of Science in Information Studies while working on this bachelor's degree. Through this combined degree program, you can finish both degrees in just four years and save up to $8,625!

The Experience

As a student in this online Bachelor of Science in Information Systems program, you will study advanced database management, data visualization and network security as well as receive a foundation in match, statistics and operations research. Throughout the coursework, you will learn how to communicate well and work in multidisciplinary teams. In your final course, you will complete a capstone project that will allow you to put your recently learned skills to use.

The Results

Graduates who earn Trine University’s Bachelor of Science in Information Systems degree are well-qualified for a wide range of positions in the information field including information manager, network security analyst, network administrator, database administrator and more. This degree also prepares you for more advanced educational opportunities such as the Master of Science in Information Studies, Master of Business Administration or the Master of Science in Organizational Leadership.

Enrollment Cycles

  • May 2024
  • August 2024
  • January 2025

Entry Requirements

To be admitted to Trine University's TrineOnline, you will need to submit the following:

  • Completed application
  • Official transcripts showing evidence of graduation from an accredited high school or
  • acceptable score on the General Education Development (GED) exam
  • Official transcripts from ALL post–secondary schools attended
  • You will be contacted by a director of admission to help guide you through the process and help you secure your transcripts. 

Total Credit Hours - 120

General Education - 42 credit hours

• MA 113 College Algebra

• MA 253 Statistics

• Science elective - 3 credit hours

•PSY 113 Psychology

• PHL 313 Ethics

• Social Science elective - 3 credit hours

• Humanities elective - 3 credit hours

• ENG 143 College Composition

• ENG 133 Technical Communications

• SP 203 Effective Speaking

• MA 323 Operations Research

• BA 113 Business Computer Applications

• General Education Elective - 6 credit hours

Program Core - 39 credit hours

• BA 123 Business Concepts

•COM 243 Digital Media Creation

•COM 343 Web Content Management

• CSIT 103 Introduction to Information Systems

• CSIT 123 IT Infrastructure Basics

• CSIT 223 Network Management

• INF 153 Python

• INF 263 Database Management

• INF 343 Network Security

•  INF 393 Data Visualization

• INF 403 Advanced Data Base

• IS 483 Information Systems Capstone Proposal (PENDING)

• IS 493 Information Systems Capstone Project (PENDING)

• Management/Leadership requirements - 15 credit hours

• MGT 383 Principles of Project Management

Electives - 12 credit hours of MGT or LDR 300-400 level

Additional requirements - 24 credit hours

• UE 101 University Experience

• Unrestricted Electives - 23 credit hours

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