International Year One in Business

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International Year One in Business
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First Year Fee KES 3,452,112
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2 Years On Campus Undergraduate Pathway Programme

International Year One allows students to begin earning credits toward their degree even if they don’t meet the academic and English requirements for direct entry. International Year One in Business will prepare you to enter your next semester of a bachelor’s degree program at Drew University.

A Pathway program provides academic, language and cultural support in order to succeed at a US university.

Students are guaranteed progression to an undergraduate degree program through a curriculum consisting of credit-earning courses.

Students will benefit from fully integrated classes with both domestic and other international students on campus while learning from highly trained university instructors and tutors. This Pathway program leads to a business major.

Drew International Year One programs are two years long, providing students with comprehensive support for the first half of their studies.

Standard - 4Semesters

  • Comprehensive - 5Semesters

Enrollment Cycles

  • May 2024
  • August 2024
  • January 2025

Entry Requirements

Age requirement 17
Academic requirements

  • High school diploma with a US equivalent of a 2.5 GPA.

English language entry requirements

  • 4 Semesters: TOEFL 60 (11 minimum subscores), IELTS 5.5 (5.0 minimum subscores), PTEA 44, Password overall level 6, IELA 162 (154 minimum subscores), or Duolingo 90.

Age requirement 17
Academic requirements

  • High school diploma with a US equivalent of a 2.5 GPA.

English language entry requirements

  • 5 Semesters: TOEFL 50 (10 minimum subscores), IELTS 5.0 (4.5 minimum subscores), PTEA 41, Password overall level 5, IELA 154 (minimum subscore of 147), or Duolingo 75.
  • 129 credit hour program65 credit hours apply from Pathway
  • 64 credit hours remaining toward degree

Semester 1

  • EAP 101 English for Academic Purposes I (Reading & Writing) 4 Credits
  • EAP 102English for Academic Purposes I (Listening & Speaking)4 Credits
  • AMST 101American Popular Culture4 Credits
  • CHEM 150/150LGeneral Chemistry I4 Credits
  • Total16 Credits

Semester 2

  • EAP 201 English for Academic Purposes II (Reading & Writing) 4 Credits
  • EAP 202 Public Speaking 4 Credits
  • BIOL 160/160L Diversity of Life 4 Credits
  • CHEM 160/160L General Chemistry 2 4 Credits
  • DREW 110 Launch Workshop: Preparation for Career and Academic Success 1 Credits
  • Total17 Credits

Semester 3

  • WRTG 101 College Writing for ESOL 4 Credits
  • BIOL 150 or NEUR 101 Ecology and Evolution or Intro to Neuroscience 4 Credits
  • BIOL 250 Molecular and Cellular Biology 4 Credits
  • CHEM 250 or BIOL 256 Organic Chemistry 1 or Anatomy and Physiology I 4 Credits
  • Total 16 Credits

Semester 4

  • CHEM 350 OR BIOL 258 Organic Chemistry II or Anatomy & Physiology II 4 Credits
  • BIOL 252 Microbiology 4 Credits
  • MATH 117 Introduction to Statistics 4 Credits
  • Elective College Elective 4 Credits
  • Total 16 Credits


* These courses are generally delivered through the INTO Center and are for Pathway students only.

Students must maintain 2.0 GPA per semester to remain in good academic standing. Semester 3 will always commence in the fall. During the second year of the Pathway program, students will select a well-rounded set of courses with the help of their academic advisor.

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