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Master of Education (MEd)

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  • 2 Years
  • On Campus
  • Postgraduate
  • Degree
This program is aimed at preparing students at graduate levels to acquire professional competencies in teaching diverse subjects in which they have received prior preparation and to be able to give leadership and administer education programs in learning institutions in diverse contexts. A unique feature of the program is the attempt to integrate faith, life and Christian values in the process, with a view to enabling holistic handling of the different subject matters

1. Master of Education (Curriculum and Instruction)
The specialization primarily provides for the on-going professional development needs of practicing teachers, and other educational professionals within the context of their disciplines-specific content knowledge. The program seeks to enhance the teaching competencies of such professionals by deepening their understanding of, and improving their skills in instructional design and teaching, curriculum design, and assessment within a framework. In addition, the program provides a solid theoretical framework for candidates in non-teaching fields who may want to teach, administer educational programs or want to be curriculum workers. 

2. Master of Education (Church Education)
The specialization is designed for equipping potential and functional leaders with knowledge, skills and character qualities to enable those trained to go on to serve in church education ministries, or teach in theological institutions, or teach in public schools.

3. Master of Education (Educational Leadership and Administration)
The specialization builds up the competencies of individuals who desire to lead and administer education programs in diverse institutional contexts. It is committed to providing quality education and instruction to leaders in the field of education that will fully equip them to face emerging leadership and administrative challenges. Students are empowered to use strategies that will make them become advocates of change and for training other educators in a mentoring relationship.

4. Master of Education (Child Development and Family Studies)
The specialization is designed to prepare students to develop competencies that would enable them to work as directors/pastors of Christian education programs in the church, children ministry workers, directors of children’s home, caregivers etc. The program aims to prepare men and women to effectively and holistically minister to children in diverse contexts. Students are challeged to reflect upon child development within the African setting, and the influences of that development from a biblical/theological perspective. Emphasis is also placed on the importance of understanding the broad sociocultural context that influences child development within the family and community both positively and negatively, and how Christians can positively contribute to healthy children, healing children at risk, and building strong families and communities within the church and through outreach into communities.

Enrollment Cycles

  • April 2023
  • May 2023
  • August 2023
  • September 2023
  • December 2023
  • January 2024
  •  Requirement is a bachelor’s degree with at least 1st class/2nd class Honours (Upper Division) or (Lower Division) with 2 years working/ministry experience. 


Semester 1
PA 501 Foundations of Christian life& Mission 3hrs
ED 512 Theological Foundations of Education 3hrs
ED 527 Theory & Practice of Ed Leadership 3hrs
ED 528 Legal Issues in Education 3hrs
ED 532 Human Resources for Ed Admin 3hrs
Total Hours 15hrs

Semester 2
ED 630 Research Methods 3hrs
ED 614 Strategic Planning & Management Ed Program 3hrs
ED 622 Technology for Ed Admin 3hrs
ED 636 Budget Forecasting & Fiscal Planning 3hrs
ED 611 Subject Area Methods 3hrs
Total Hours 15hrs
Yearly Total = 30 Hours

Semester 1
ED 631 Data Analysis Techniques 3hrs
TH 605 Christian & Professional Ethics 3hrs
MS 605 Leadership Development 3hrs
ED 621 Practicum (internship)* 3hrs
ED 771 Thesis 3hrs
Total Hours 15hrs

Semester 2
ED 772 Thesis 3
ED____ _______________________ 3
______ General Elective 3
Total Hours 9hrs
Yearly Total = 24 Hours

To be taken in the preceding May – July Semester

NOTE: The following courses are to be taken as prerequisites or at PGD level by students without education background OR full PGD program (Recommended for those who intend to seek licensing with TSC)

ED 511 Historical and Philosophical Found 3 hrs
ED 524 Curriculum Studies 3hrs
ED 513 Psychological Foundations 3 hrs
ED 522 Sociological Foundations 3hrs
ED 612 Educational Administration 3 hrs

KES 75000 per semester 

Total fees KES 300000

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