Career Guidance and Counselling Certification Course

Craydel, Kenya


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July 2022

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  • 4 Days
  • Online
  • Undergraduate
  • Certificate

The course aims to train individuals on the theoretical and practical knowledge and skills needed to guide students and working professionals on making well-informed career decisions and career focused progression plans. The course also offers them an income generating platform where they can start offering Career Guidance Counselling sessions and applying their acquired skills.

The online tutorial-based teaching and learning proactively engage participants in taking interactive short online assessments, practical age level case studies interview strategies preparation, skills proficiency level acquired reflection and Question Answer sessions.

One of the key activities Craydel is focusing its efforts on is the development of Career Guidance. Together with the Kenya Association of Professional Counsellors (KAPC), Craydel is administering an online Career Guidance and Counseling Certificate Course for both Personal Guidance Counsellors and School Career Counsellors.

Advantage of the course:

1. Registered Participants with Craydel will get access to an invaluable range of resources Career Information Library resources especially designed to support Students and counsellor needs such as Career Pathway guides for Higher Education and vocational careers, career planners, types of Qualifications, subject choices related to career  occupation cluster groups, School subjects and University and course search planners career counsellors interview skills guides and report writing templates

2. Successful completion of the Course results in a life long income generating opportunity through the Craydel Student-Counsellor online Counselling sessions and the opportunity to develop independent future entrepreneurship.

3. The Course augments skills in several occupations are compatible with counselling psychology such as life coaching, social work, management, leadership, teaching, alternative therapy and human resources.

4. The training can be attended an anywhere with a stable internet connection. A recorded will be accessible at a later stage those who like to learn 'on the go' from a tablet, Smartphone, or desktop. 

Enrollment Cycles

  • July 2022

The certified Course Content comprises of 11 modules: 

1. Introduction to Craydel and the Industry

2. The Career Counseling Need and Opportunity in Kenya

3. Understanding Kenyan Education Curriculums

4. History, Theories and Models used in Psychometric Assessments

5. Psychometric Assessments and the Counselling Process

6. Progressive Counselling Support and Interview Strategies

7. Age Level Counseling Strategy

8. Understanding TVET in Kenya

9. Selecting University Courses

10. Ongoing Craydel Counselors Support Ecosystem

11. Building your Brand and Business Online

At the end of some modules, there are interactive activities like Kahoots, Case Study discussions and recap and reflection sessions.

FEES: Kes 40,000 16% VAT

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