Geography (BA)

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Geography (BA)
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4 Years On Campus Undergraduate Degree

Are you interested in studying how human activities and behaviours shape physical landscapes and examining why humans create unique spaces and places on the Earth’s surface? Or how natural processes shape the Earth’s surface to create different physical landscapes? A Geography degree is for you!

VIU’s Geography program can be taken as a major or minor with options that allow you to specialize in sustainable resource management or urban and social sustainability as well as a general option.

Geographers pursue careers in many different fields, including education, planning, business, government agencies and non-profit organizations.

Geography is the study of earth spaces and places. Geographers are concerned with the distribution and patterning of physical and human phenomena in earth space, including the nature and magnitude of human impact on natural environments. Protecting sustainable environments and managing the earth’s valued resources – land, water and air – are of vital interest to geographers. The geographic concepts of place and landscape provide a framework for understanding the role of culture in the evolution and development of urban and rural landscapes. Political, social and economic processes, when examined from a spatial (geographic) and temporal (historical) perspective, enable students to appreciate and understand the dynamic processes associated with the development of local and regional landscapes.

The B.A. Major in Geography features two areas of specialization – Sustainable Resource Management or Urban and Social Sustainability – and a General stream designed to broaden an understanding of physical and human geography. Theoretical and applied course work in each stream are designed to strengthen communication skills in oral, written and visual presentations, and to provide a range of transferable skills, notably in the areas of spatial analysis, remote sensing, and geographic information systems (GIS). Students will be challenged to think critically, analyze problems, and seek resolutions to conflicts, particularly in the fields of natural resource management and urban and social management.

Enrollment Cycles

  • September 2024
  • January 2025

Entry Requirements

  • Students must fulfill all the Institutional B.A. degree requirements, including Degree English

General Stream

Years 1 and 2

  • World Regional Geography
  • Environmental Geography
  • Atmospheric Environments
  • Earth Environments
  • Statistical Methods in Geography
  • Maps and Mapping
  • Human Environments
  • Regions of Canada

Years 3 and 4

  • Planning and Management of Parks and Protected Areas
  • Research Methods in Geography
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Field Studies in Geography I
  • Six upper-level GEOG courses
  • Five upper-level electives

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