Geography and Environmental Studies Major, Bachelor of Arts

Thompson Rivers University, Canada
Geography and Environmental Studies Major, Bachelor of Arts
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4 Years On Campus Undergraduate Degree

The current environmental, social and physical climate of our globalized world means that geography matters more today than ever before. Connections you form with other humans, next to you and across the world—for business matters or policy changes—shape societies.

  • Counteraction to global crises that range from climate change to pandemics, extinction to unforeseen migration, need your expertise. But you know that learning about challenges isn’t enough; we have to take action to solve them.
  • We are all connected in human geography and through the environment. With an understanding of the relationships that exist between cultures and the physical environment, you see order in what appears to be random. Get ready to work on the puzzle known as Earth.
  • Change through education is at the centre of our Geography and Environmental Studies Major. By participating in classroom discussions, readings, field study, co-op placements, guided research and independent study, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the tools needed to analyze biophysical processes, environmental issues, land use policies, geographical practices and more. Explore past relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples of this province, examine issues and policies relevant to small cities and adjacent rural areas and analyze advances in hydrological science. A vast array of courses in environmental studies, human geography, physical geography and geographical methods are available for you to pore over.
  • Fees based on (15 credits/5 courses)

Enrollment Cycles

  • May 2024
  • September 2024
  • January 2025

Entry Requirements

  • Grade 12 (or equivalent) or mature student status
  • English Studies 12/English First Peoples 12 with a minimum of 73% (or equivalent)

Admission to each major program may have specific requirements.

  • Recommended: Foundations of Mathematics 11 or higher is strongly recommended for students pursuing Education or a major in Geography and Environmental Studies, Sociology or Psychology

If you don't meet the requirements

  • High school graduates can apply and be admitted to this program while upgrading at TRU.
  • Mature students without a high school diploma (or equivalent) can work towards completing their BC High School Graduation Diploma while in this program through TRU courses.
  • Students who do not qualify for mature student status can apply for the TRU University Preparation program to complete their BC High School Graduation Diploma.

(Applicable to all three program options)

  • People, Places and Landscapes: Introducing Human Geography (3 cr) or World Regional Geography (3 cr)
  • Planet Earth: An Introduction to Earth System Science (3 cr)
  • Weather, Climate and Global Environmental Change (3 cr) 
  • Introduction to Hydrology (3cr)
  • Geographic Thought (3 cr)
  • Introduction to Geographical Analysis (3 cr)
  • Geodesy and the Visualization of Geographic Data
  • Geographic Information Systems (3 cr)

One of:

  • Introduction to Environmental Studies and Sustainability (3 cr)
  • Geography of the Economic Landscape (3 cr)
  • Geography of Urban and Regional Planning (3 cr)
  • Regional Geography of Canada (3 cr)
  • Regional Geography of Canada (3 cr)
  • The Regional Geography of British Columbia and Yukon (3 cr)
  • Geography of British Columbia (3 cr)
  • Canadian Cities (3 cr) or any of the following courses that were not chosen from the other optional courses including
  • GEOG 1010, 1110, 2020 or 2050
  • In order to enter the Honours program, you must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.00 in all of the lower-level course requirements.

Course requirements include:

  • Forty-two 3000- or 4000-level GEOG credits

Please note:

  • You must select at least three credits from each of the four course groups listed below including: Environmental Studies, Human Geography, Physical Geography and Geographical Methods.
    At least nine credits must be selected from any of the 4000-level GEOG courses listed in any of the four course groups listed below or you may select either GEOG 4480 or 4990.
  • You can complete your remaining 21 upper-level GEOG credits by combining courses from any of the four groups, including GEOG 3990.
  • You will need to maintain a Grade Point Average of 3.00 in all 42 upper-level GEOG credits and must not receive a grade below B- (2.67) in any three credits from the total 42 credits required for the Honours Major.
  • You may retake a course once in order to reach the grade requirement.

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