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October 2023

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Are you interested in learning about Indigenous history and culture as part of your introduction to university studies? Explore the history and perspectives of First Nations in Canada with Arts One – First Nations, a multi-disciplinary program for first-year students designed for those interested in Indigenous education and the interactions of First Nations peoples with Western cultures.

Arts One – First Nations students can choose to branch off into various Humanities, Social Sciences or other programs, and take courses in humanities and/or courses in social sciences alongside their First Nations Studies courses.

Arts One-First Nations is a multi-disciplinary learning community for first-year university students. The program is intended for students who are interested in the intersection and interaction between First Nations and western cultures within a broad introduction to interdisciplinary study in the Humanities and Social Sciences. Enrolment in the program is managed to ensure that First Nations students comprise at least two-thirds of the class.

Students will study the history and effects of interaction between the First Nations of North America and those who came to this land from Europe. The program curriculum incorporates concepts of First Nations and Western European governance, community and culture. Students will explore such questions as: What happens when different cultures collide? How do people use myth, ceremony, writing, and story-telling to understand family, spirituality, and economics?

The curriculum for the Arts One-First Nations program is completely integrated and is taught by a team of instructors, the majority of whom are of First Nations ancestry. Much of the teaching takes place in small seminars. First Nations leaders and elders are regular participants in the program.

Enrollment Cycles

  • October 2023
  • General admission requirements apply.
  • Students combine the 12 credits of Arts One-First Nations (INDG 101/102) with 6 credits of English (the Degree English Requirement) and 12 credits of electives (4 courses) to complete their first year (30 credits) of university study.
  • Fees for One Year Amount Tuition 30 credits x $156.80 per credit 4,704.00
  • Student Activity fee 4% of tuition 188.16
  • Student Services fee 30 credits x $6.93 per credit 207.90
  • VIU Students' Union fee 8 months x $20.90 per month 167.20
  • Health and Dental Plan fee $275.00 per year 275.00
  • Approximate cost for books and supplies for one year 1,500.00
  • Total 7,042.26

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