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This Certificate will appeal to students wishing to continue onto law school or graduate work in law and policy and to individuals interested in careers where there are significant legal issues. The program blends courses that develop essential writing, speaking and critical thinking skills with courses which offer more law-content specific focus.

This credential is designed primarily for students already enrolled, or intending to enroll, in a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Business Administration degree program. Students will select from a variety of eligible courses to fit with their interest and their BA or BBA major or minor. Credits applied toward the Certificate may also be applied toward major program or minor program requirements, or toward a bachelor’s degree under the normal regulations governing those programs.

Students must satisfy the University Degree English Requirement and complete 30 credits in 4 areas: Foundations of the Canadian Legal System (6 credits), Primary Source Analysis, Reasoning, and Verbal/Written Argumentation (6 credits), Law (6 credits) and Legal Policy (12 credits).

Courses have been selected from several departments; however, there are no guaranteed seats for students registered for this credential. Each department has its own rules for reserved seating and cross-department enrolment policies. In addition, some courses have prerequisites. It is the responsibility of the students to ensure they have met the necessary prerequisites before enrolling in those courses. Students attempting to register in classes included in this credential are encouraged to contact the Legal Studies Coordinator and the individual instructors or program advisors and inquire about enrolment possibilities.

Enrollment Cycles

  • January 2023

General admission requirements apply.

  • Students completing this certificate concurrent with and embedded within a VIU degree or diploma do not need to apply to this program. They should let their degree or diploma advisor, program coordinator, or the Registration Centre know of their intention. Careful planning is necessary to ensure prerequisites are met.

Foundations of the Canadian Legal System (choose 6 credits)

Choose one of the following (3 credits):

  • Law and Politics in Canada
  • Canadian Politics and Government

Choose one of the following (3 credits):

  • Introduction to First Nations Studies I
  • Introduction to First Nations Studies II
  • Canada to 1867: Contact, Colonies, and Empires
  • Canada 1867 to 1945: National Expansion in Peace and War
  • First Nations People in Canadian History Since 1867) 

Primary Source Analysis, Reasoning, and Verbal/Written Argumentation (choose 6 credits)

  • Love and Friendship
  • Knowledge, Good, and Evil
  • Freedom and Alienation: Economics, Politics, and Liberty)/LBST 315 (Freedom and Alienation: Economics, Politics, and Liberty Advanced
  • Rhetoric and Reasoning
  • Formal logic 

 Law (choose 6 credits): 

  • Intro to Canadian Law and Legal Institutions: A Criminal Justice Perspective
  • Law, Youth and Young Offenders
  • Criminal Law
  • Advanced Topics in Criminal Law and Procedure
  • Law and Human Rights
  • The Crown, Courts, and Aboriginal Resource Rights
  • Commercial Law
  • Workplace Legislation 

4. Legal Policy (choose 12 credits):

  • Fraud Awareness, Prevention, and Detection
  • Alternate Conflict Resolution and Negotiation Skills
  • Indigenous Self-Determination
  • Human Rights in the Twentieth-century Canada
  • Business-Government relations
  • Labour and Employee Relations
  • Philosophy of Law
  • Applied Ethics in the Justice system
  • International Peace and Security
  • Justice and the Good Life: An Introduction to Political Thought
  • Freedom and Authority: Introduction to Modern Political Thought
  • International Organizations
  • Implementing Human Rights
  • Canadian Foreign Policy
  • Democratic Theory and Practice
  • Law for Recreation and Sport Managers
  • Surveillance and Society
  • Crimes Against Humanity
  • Law for Tourism Managers



  • Fees for One Year Amount Tuition (30 credits x $156.80 per credit) 4,704.00 
  • Student Activity fee (4% of tuition) 188.16 
  • Student Services fee (30 credits x $6.93 per credit) 207.90
  • VIU Students' Union fee (8 months x $20.90 per month) 167.20 
  • Health and Dental Plan fee ($275.00 per year) 275.00 
  • Total 5,542.26

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