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Graduate Pathway in Law

INTO Suffolk University, United States


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January 2023

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USD 55,730

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  • 1 Years
  • On Campus
  • Postgraduate
  • Pathway Programme
Graduate Pathway program offering the academic foundation, essential language skills and GMAT/GRE test preparation to successfully move on to master’s degrees.
An INTO Suffolk Graduate Pathway program in Law or Global Law and Technology will prepare students to enter their next semester of a master’s degree program at Suffolk University.
  • A Pathway program provides academic, language and cultural support in order to succeed at a US university.
  • Students are guaranteed progression to a graduate degree program through a curriculum consisting of credit-earning courses.
  • Students will benefit from fully integrated classes with both domestic and other international students on campus while learning from highly trained university instructors and tutors.
  • Fast facts
  • Class duration
  • 12-16 hours per week
  • Class size
  • Maximum class size for English language teaching
  • 18 Award
  • This program leads a master's degree at Suffolk University.
  • Accelerated Jan & Aug 1Sem
  • Standard Jan & Aug 2Sem

Enrollment Cycles

  • January 2023
  • August 2023

Age requirement 16
Academic requirements

  • First undergraduate degree in law or equivalent with 2.5 GPA out of 4.0.

English language entry requirements

  • 1 Semester: TOEFL iBT 75 (13 subscore in reading), IELTS 6.0 (6.0 subscore in reading), PTEA 53, or IELA 169.

Age requirement 16
Academic requirements

  • First undergraduate degree in law or equivalent with 2.5 GPA out of 4.0.

English language entry requirements

  • 2 Semesters: TOEFL iBT 65 (13 subscore in reading), IELTS 5.5 (5.5 subscore in reading), PTEA 44, Password 5.5, IELA 162, or Completion of Academic English Level 4.
  • 24 credit hour program
  • 7 credit hours apply from Pathway
  • 17 credit hours remaining toward degree

Semester 1

  • AE 051 Graduate Communication Across Disciplines 0 Credits
  • AE 052 Graduate Academic Success 0 Credits
  • AE 043 Student Engagement for Academic Success 0 Credits
  • LAW 2374 US Law, Legal Reasoning and Writing 2 Credits
  • Total 2 Credits

Semester 2

  • AE 061 Graduate Writing and Research Skills 0 Credits
  • AE 062 Graduate Student Success - Career Preparation and Professional Communication 0 Credits
  • LAW 1020 International Business Transactions in Developing Countries 2 Credits
  • LAW 2283 Negotiation 2 Credits
  • LAW 1010 Introduction to Legal Research 1 Credits
  • Total 5 Credits


* These courses are generally delivered through the INTO Center and are for Pathway students only.

  • 2-Semester Pathway programs beginning in Spring enroll Semester 1 during the Spring and Semester 2 during the following Fall. No Pathway courses are offered during Summer semester.
  • Course schedules are subject to change based on course availability, prerequisite requirements and placement exams. Students will receive final schedules upon arrival.
  • AE courses satisfy immigration requirements for full-time enrollment, but do not count for credit toward the student's degree.
  • Standard Total Course Fee is: $55730
  •  Accelerated Total Course Fee is: $32050

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