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As technology brings our world closer together, the ability to effectively communicate with people of different languages and cultures is an extremely employable asset in almost every industry. A minor in Languages and Culture at VIU will elevate your Bachelor of Arts degree by providing a valuable in-depth study of the French or Spanish language and culture. Students gain a deeper understanding of French and Spanish culture by studying both the language and important literary works.

Whether you are a future teacher, government worker, tourism executive, entrepreneur or even simply a world traveler, a minor in French or Spanish in this roman languages program will benefit both your work and personal life. Adding “proficiency in French or Spanish” is a favourable addition to your resume.

The B.A. - Minor in Languages and Culture (Romance Languages) is designed to serve a variety of students whose overall program or career plans require or benefit from a strong grounding in another language or culture: not only B.Ed students, but also History, Anthropology, Global Studies, Liberal Studies, Business, Recreation and Tourism, etc. There is an identified need for people with second language skills in a wide variety of employment areas such as primary and secondary education, research, business, tourism, fisheries, forestry and other federal government services.

Students may choose to do concentrations in French or Spanish, and in either concentration may also choose any of the following cultural related courses: LANG 240, 417, 470, and 471. The program's strong interdisciplinary framework allows students to not only work in both French and Spanish, but also to include work from other departments. Students may also apply upper-level field school or exchange program credits to their minor, something that is often limited to language majors. The program is distinct (no other comparable Romance Languages Minor in BC), yet consistent with VIU's overall emphasis on global perspectives and multidisciplinary programs.

Enrollment Cycles

  • September 2023
  • January 2024
  • Students must fulfill all the Institutional B.A. degree requirements, including Degree English

French Concentration

Years 1 and 2

  • Intermediate French I
  • Intermediate French II
  • French Oral and Written Practice I
  • French Oral and Written Practice II
  • Introduction to Francophone Culture and Literature

The Romance Language

Years 3 and 4

  • Critical Analysis and Writing Skills
  • Oral Expression and Cultural Exploration in French
  • and four courses from the following:
  • French Normative Phonetics: Theory and Practice
  • Development of the Novel in French
  • Special Topics in French Literature
  • Special Topics in French Language
  • Internship
  • Special Topics in Romance Culture
  • Translation Theory I and LANG 471 Translation Theory II
  • Special Topics in Hispanic Culture

Spanish Concentration

Years 1 and 2

  • Beginning Spanish I
  • Beginning Spanish II
  • Intermediate Spanish I
  • Intermediate Spanish I 

Select one of the following:

The Romance Languages

  • Introduction to Hispanic Culture – Spain
  • Introduction to Hispanic Culture – Latin America
  • Introduction to Hispanic Literature and Culture
  • Introduction to Writing in Spanish
  • Evolution of Spanish Cinema - Almodovar and Eighties

Years 3 and 4

  • Advanced Spanish I
  • Advanced Spanish II

And four courses from the following:

  • Internship
  • Special Topics in Romance Culture
  • Translation Theory I and LANG 471 Translation Theory II
  • Hispanic Literature and Literary Analysis
  • Hispanic Poetry and Poetic Analysis
  • Special Topics in Hispanic Culture
  • Special Topics in Hispanic Literature


  • Fees for One Year* Amount Tuition (30 credits x $156.80 per credit) 4,704.00 
  • Student Activity fee (4% of tuition) 188.16 
  • Student Services fee (30 credits x $6.93 per credit) 207.90 
  • VIU Students' Union fee (8 months x $20.90 per month) 167.20 
  • Health and Dental Plan fee ($275.00 per year) 275.00 
  • Approximate cost for books and supplies for one year 1,500.00 
  • Total 7,042.26

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