Post-Degree Diploma in Languages and Culture (Romance Languages)

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January 2022

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  • 1 Years
  • On Campus
  • Postgraduate
  • Degree

Are you looking to add Spanish or French proficiency training to your resumé? VIU’s post-degree French or Spanish language diploma program combines written, oral and reading comprehension instruction along with a cultural component to develop a deeper understanding of the Romance language.

Taking a post-degree in Latin Languages opens up doors to careers in government, tourism, international business, teaching and travel.

The Languages and Culture (Romance Languages) Post-Degree Diploma offers students who have completed a Bachelor's degree (e.g. Bachelor of Education), the opportunity to document their completion of a specialization in Language outside their Bachelor's program. It is awarded subsequent to a Bachelor's degree.

The Languages and Culture (Romance Languages) Post-Degree Diploma is not an addition to the Minor; it has the same course requirements, learning outcomes, and evaluation procedures as the B.A. Minor.

Enrollment Cycles

  • January 2022
Students must obtain a minimum "C " average in all required first and second year courses, and then complete 18 credits of upper-level courses related to their language of specialization.

Years 1 and 2

(Intermediate French I)
(Intermediate French II)
(French Oral and Written Practice I)
(French Oral and Written Practice II)
(Introduction to Francophone Culture and Literature) or
(The Romance Languages)

Years 3 and 4
(Critical Analysis and Writing Skills)
(Oral Expression and Cultural Exploration in French)

Select four courses from the following:
(French Normative Phonetics: Theory and Practice)
(Development of the Novel in French)
(Special Topics in French Literature)
(Special Topics in French Language)
(Special Topics in Romance Culture)
(Translation Theory I) and LANG 471 (Translation Theory II)
(Special Topics in Hispanic Culture)

Fees for One Year* Amount Tuition (30 credits x $156.80 per credit) 4,704.00 

Student Activity fee (4% of tuition) 188.16 

Student Services fee (30 credits x $6.93 per credit) 207.90 

VIU Students' Union fee (8 months x $20.90 per month) 167.20 

Health and Dental Plan fee ($275.00 per year) 275.00 

Approximate cost for books and supplies for one year 1,500.00 

Total 7,042.26

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