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BA (Honours) in Modern Languages

University of Windsor, Canada


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May 2023

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USD 23,750

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  • 4 Years
  • On Campus
  • Undergraduate
  • Degree
  • Up to 7% scholarship
Study Spanish, Italian, or German and see the world! Students in this program spend a year abroad, allowing you to perfect the language while being immersed in its culture. Classes in this program are small and intimate. Study abroad is a transformative experience. You’ll become a better you.
  • Sample Courses: Introduction to Language and Linguistics, German/Italian/Spanish Literary Tradition, Theories of Language Acquisition, Intensive German/Italian/Spanish, additional courses taken at a foreign institution abroad
  • Specialization Options: Spanish, Italian, German
  • Career Tracks: Language advisor, immigration services, public relations officer, international business communications specialist

Enrollment Cycles

  • May 2023
  • September 2023
  • January 2024
  • Course Requirements: English/ENG4U
  • Minimum Average: 70%

This Course is Available Honours 4-year program


  • MUSC-1020. Fundamentals of Music and Sound
  • MUSC-1120. Music Theory I
  • MUSC-1130. Music Theory II
  • MUSC-1260. Music History and Literature I
  • MUSC-1270. Music History and Literature II
  • MUSC-1470. Special Topics in Music
  • MUSC-2120. Music Theory III
  • MUSC-2130. Music Theory IV
  • MUSC-2220. Basic Skills I
  • MUSC-2230. Basic Skills II
  • MUSC-2270. Studies in Baroque Music
  • MUSC-2390. Woodwind Techniques
  • MUSC-2470. Analysis of Jazz Styles
  • MUSC-2480. Basic Conducting I
  • MUSC-2490. Basic Conducting II
  • MUSC-2550. Vocal Techniques
  • MUSC-2630. Sonic Art
  • MUSC-2690. Percussion Techniques
  • MUSC-2790. Brass Techniques
  • MUSC-2850. Foundations of Music Learning and Teaching
  • MUSC-2900. Special Topics in Music
  • MUSC-3170. Film Music
  • MUSC-1260 and MUSC-1270).
  • MUSC-3200. Music and Politics
  • MUSC-3220. Advanced Skills I
  • MUSC-3230. Advanced Skills II
  • MUSC-3260. Studies in Classical Music
  • MUSC-3270. Studies in Romantic Music
  • MUSC-3420. Voice-leading and Arranging I
  • MUSC-3460. Introduction to Ethnomusicology
  • MUSC-3630. Advanced Sonic Art
  • MUSC-4120. Music Theory Seminar I
  • MUSC-4270. Studies in the Music of North American Culture
  • MUSC-1270; or consent of instructor.)
  • MUSC-4320. New Music Workshop
  • MUSC-4360. Directed Studies in Music I
  • MUSC-4370. Directed Studies in Music II
  • MUSC-4470. Special Topics in Music
  • MUSC-4580. Conducting Seminar I
  • MUSC-4840. Seminar in Elementary Music Education
  • MUSC-4850. Seminar in Secondary Music Education
  • MUSC-4910. Graduation Project
  • MUSC-4940. Critical Issues in Music Education
  • Program Type: Undergraduate
  • Major or Degree: Arts, Humanities, Soc Science
  • Course Load: Full Time
  • Fee Category: Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Term: Fall
  • Residence: Alumni Hall - Single in a 2 Bedroom Suite
  • Meal Plan: Full Meal Plan - moderate off campus flexibility.
  • Estimated Total = $ 10722.86
  • Base Tuition
  • Base Tuition - $ 2899.90 - Assessed each term
  • Coop - $ 455.00 - If applicable

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