BMath (Honours) in Mathematics & Statistics

University of Windsor, Canada
BMath (Honours) in Mathematics & Statistics
Next enrollment cycle May 2024 See all cycles
First Year Fee KES 728,361
Course Accredited By OUCQA
4 Years On Campus Undergraduate Degree Up to 6% scholarship

Mathematicians are in demand, and this program will prepare you for a career equal to your talents. Combine this program with another degree (double major) for a truly unique experience. Also, take courses that will prepare you for an actuary designation. The small class sizes, camaraderie and support in this program is second to none.

  • Sample Courses: Linear Algebra, Integral Calculus, Differential Equations, Abstract Algebra, Vector Calculus, Introduction to Statistics
  • Career Tracks: Actuary, academic and industrial research co-ordinator, bank manager, financial consultant, risk management analyst
  • Professional Designation Possible: Actuary designation

Enrollment Cycles

  • May 2024
  • September 2024
  • January 2025

Entry Requirements

  • Course Requirements: Advanced Functions/MHF4U, Calculus & Vectors/MCV4U. English/ENG4U.
  • Minimum Average: 70% (70% average in all attempted math courses.)
  • Mean Average (Entering Fall 2019): 86%

This Course is Available General 3-year program, Honours 4-year program and Combined Honours programs available


  • ACSC-4030. Derivative Markets I
  • STAT-3920,
  • STAT-3950) (3 lecture hours per week.)


  • MATH-1020. Mathematical Foundations
  • MATH-1250. Linear Algebra I
  • MATH-1260. Vectors and Linear Algebra
  • MATH-1270. Linear Algebra (Engineering)
  • MATH-1280. Access to Linear Algebra
  • MATH-1720. Differential Calculus
  • MATH-1730. Integral Calculus
  • MATH-1760. Functions and Differential Calculus
  • MATH-1720.) (4 lecture hours, 1 tutorial hour per week.)
  • MATH-1780. Access to Differential Calculus
  • MATH-1980. Mathematics for Business
  • MATH-1780.) (3 lecture hours, 1 tutorial hour per week.)
  • MATH-2250. Linear Algebra II
  • MATH-1020 and one of MATH-1250,
  •  MATH-1260 or MATH-1270.) (3 lecture hours, 1 tutorial hour per week.)
  • Spring 2021 Undergraduate Calendar 648
  • MATH-2251. Linear Algebra III
  • MATH-2780. Vector Calculus
  • MATH-2790. Differential Equations
  • MATH-3150. Introduction to Graph Theory
  • MATH-3160. Combinatorics
  • MATH-1020.) (3 lecture hours per week.)
  • MATH-3200. Abstract Algebra
  • MATH-3270. Number Theory
  • MATH-3550. Introduction to Fourier Series and Special Functions
  • Spring 2021 Undergraduate Calendar 649
  • MATH-3580. Introduction to Analysis I
  • MATH-3581. Introduction to Analysis II
  • MATH-3590. Complex Variables
  • MATH-3800. Numerical Methods
  • MATH-3940. Numerical Analysis for Computer Scientists
  • MATH-3960. Linear Optimization
  • MATH-3980. Theory of Interest
  • MATH-4000. Topics in Mathematics
  • MATH-4210. Ring Theory and Modules
  • MATH-4220. Introduction to Group Theory
  • MATH-4230. Introduction to Field Theory
  • MATH-2251 and MATH-3200.) (3 lecture hours per week.) (Cross-listed with MATH-8220)
  • MATH-4300. General Topology
  • MATH-4570. Functional Analysis
  • MATH-4580. Measure Theory and Integration
  • MATH-4960. Portfolio Optimization
  • MATH-4980. Life Contingencies I
  • MATH-4981. Life Contingencies II
  • Spring 2021 Undergraduate Calendar 651


  • STAT-2910. Statistics for the Sciences
  • STAT-2920. Introduction to Probability
  • STAT-2950. Introduction to Statistics
  • STAT-3920. Probability
  • STAT-3950. Statistics
  • STAT-3960. Stochastic Operations Research
  • STAT-4000. Topics in Statistics
  • STAT-4200. Actuarial Regression and Time Series
  • STAT-4410. Stochastic Processes
  • STAT-4460. Statistical Data Analysis
  • STAT-4470. Survival Analysis
  • STAT-4500. Generalized Linear Models
  • STAT-4550. Regression Analysis
  • STAT-4560. Statistical Consulting
  • STAT-4490. Discrete Multivariate Analysis
  • Spring 2021 Undergraduate Calendar 653
  • STAT-4600. Practicum in Statistical Consulting
  • STAT-4980. Experimental Designs
  • STAT-4981. Sampling Theory

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