BS in Clinical Laboratory Science

Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi - ISC, United States
BS in Clinical Laboratory Science
Next enrollment cycle June 2024 See all cycles
First Year Fee KES 3,062,789
Course Accredited By ABET
4 Years On Campus Undergraduate Degree Up to 7% scholarship

Clinical Laboratory Science is an interesting, challenging and rewarding profession. Laboratory tests performed to aid physicians in their diagnosis and treatment of patients are done under the direction of clinical laboratory scientists.

Medical laboratory professionals have unlimited choices of practice settings and a critical shortage of qualified personnel exists throughout the nation. Positions are open now in all areas of the country. In the years to come, the major areas of scientific exploration will include the immune system, cell marker technology, bioengineering, DNA technology and cancer research. In the clinical area, drug testing, therapeutic drug monitoring and biogenetics are just a few of the specialties with openings. In commercial businesses and industries, there are positions available in marketing and sales of laboratory equipment and products as well as research and development of new technology.

Health care is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States. More than a quarter million people work in medical laboratory services alone. As our population grows older and medical knowledge expands, there is an increasing need for highly skilled and educated professionals. Despite this growth, there is a national shortage of Clinical Laboratory Scientists (a higher percentage deficit than for any other health-care professional-including nursing). This shortage is likely to increase in the next decade as programs close while the need continues to expand.

At Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, you will find well equipped classroom and laboratory facilities where you will spend most of the time learning the principles and theories of clinical laboratory science. These courses are taught by qualified faculty at the University who are knowledgeable in all areas of the clinical laboratory. The classes are small, and the faculty is dedicated to quality instruction and interaction with the students. In addition, you will spend the summer of your final year in various clinical laboratories throughout the city, including a children’s hospital, an independent laboratory and several large city hospitals. This provides a diversity of experience and provides a basis for choosing working circumstances upon completion of this program.

All of our graduates to date have successfully found employment, most within 6 months after completion of the program. Many remain in the immediate area while others have moved throughout the state and even outside the state. Job availability for clinical laboratory scientists extends beyond the medical laboratory to industry, research, sales, and consulting.

Enrollment Cycles

  • June 2024
  • August 2024

Entry Requirements

Entry requirements
International Year (3 semesters) Intensive English Program (IEP) (1 semester)

  • TOEFL (iBT) 45 overall
  • IELTS 4.5 overall
  • Pearson (PTE) 38
  • Pearson Versant 41-42
  • Duolingo 65
  • Gao Kao English Not accepted
  • GPA: 2.00 for International Year
  • Up to 31 credits toward degree

International Year (3 semesters)

  • TOEFL (iBT) 50 overall
  • IELTS 5.0 overall
  • Pearson (PTE) 42
  • Pearson Versant 43-47
  • Duolingo 75
  • Gao Kao English Not Accepted
  • GPA: 2.00 for International Year
  • Up to 28 credits toward degree

International Year (2 semesters)

  • TOEFL (iBT) 60 overall
  • IELTS 5.5 overall
  • Pearson (PTE) 45
  • Pearson Versant 48-63
  • Duolingo 85
  • Gao Kao English Not Accepted
  • GPA: 2.00 for International Year
  • Up to 25 credits toward degree

International Year (1 semester)

  • TOEFL (iBT) 79 overall
  • IELTS 6.5 overall
  • Pearson (PTE) 58
  • Pearson Versant 64 or higher
  • Duolingo 95
  • Gao Kao English Not Accepted
  • GPA: 2.00 for International Year
  • Up to 15 credits toward degree

Direct Admission

  • TOEFL (iBT) 79 overall
  • IELTS 6.5 overall
  • Pearson (PTE) Not accepted
  • Pearson Versant Not acepted
  • Duolingo 105
  • Gao Kao English Not Accepted
  • GPA: 2.00 for International Year

COMM 1311 Foundations of Communication 3 hr
ENGL1301 Composition I 3 hr
ENGL 1302 Writing and Rhetoric 3 hr 
See Catalog Language, Philosophy & Culture 3 hr 
HIST 1301 US History I 3 hr
HIST 1302 US History II 3 hr 
POLS 2305 US GOVT 3 hr
POLS 2306 TX GOVT 3 hr
See Catalog Fine Arts 3 hr 
See Catalog Social Science 3 hr

MATH 1442 Statistics for Life (4) 3 hr
BIOL 1406 Biology I (4) hr 
BIOL 1407 Biology II (4) hr
CAO Option 1 labs from BIOL 1406, 1407, MATH 1442 (-3) hr
CAO Option 2 CHEM 1411 or CHEM 1412 lecture (-3) hr

Clinical Laboratory Science Core 40 SCH SCH
BIOL 1406 Biology I 4 hr 
BIOL 1407 Biology II 4 hr
BIOL 2416 Genetics 4 hr
BIOL 2421 Microbiology hr 4 
CHEM 1411 Gen. Chemistry I 4 hr
CHEM 1412 Gen. Chemistry II 4 hr
CHEM 3411 Organic Chemistry 1 4 hr
BIMS 4406 Immunology (4) SP 4 hr
CHEM 4401 Biochemistry I (4) 4 hr
MATH 1442 Statistics for Life (4) 4 

Required Foundation Courses
MATH 1442 Statistics for Life 4 hr
BIMS 4406 Immunology (OFFERED IN SPRING) 4 hr
CHEM 4401 Biochemistry 4 hr

Pre-CLS Courses- Clinical portion 44 SCH
CLSC 3200 Essentials for Applied LS (FL) 2 hr 
CLSC 3102 Essentials for CLS (1) FL 1 hr
CLSC 4182 Seminar-Clinical Correlations(SS) 1 hr
CLSC 4200 Professional Skills for CLS (SS) 2 hr
CLSC 4297 Professional Practicum I (SP) 2 hr
CLSC 4325 Clinical Chemistry I (FL) 3 hr
CLSC 4326 Clinical Chemistry II (SP) 3 hr
CLSC 4370 Clinical Microbiology I (FL) 3 hr
CLSC 4371 Clinical Microbiology II (SP) 3 hr
CLSC 4380 Intro to Clinical Lab Profession (SP) 3 hr 
CLSC 4382 Adv. Med. lab Procedures for CLS (SP) 3 hr
CLSC 4420 Hematology (FL) 4 hr
CLSC 4430 Clinical Immunology I (FL) 4 hr
CLSC 4598 Professional Practicum II (SS) 5 hr
CLSC 4599 Professional Practicum III (SS) 5 hr

University, College and Major Requirements

Minimum Total Hours for degree: 120
Upper Division minimum total hours: 45
Upper Division minimum residency hours: 36
Upper Division minimum major residency hrs: 12
Cumulative TAMU-CC minimum g.p.a.: 2.5
Foreign Language Requirement: see catalog 2.25

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