Nursing (MN)

University of Windsor, Canada
Nursing (MN)
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First Year Fee KES 2,022,570
Course Accredited By CASN
2 Years On Campus Postgraduate Degree

In the Advanced Clinical Nursing field students will explore the human experience of health, well-being, illness and healing within the context of individuals, families, groups and communities. Selected concepts such as health promotion, illness prevention, stress appraisal, and coping resources will be examined through critical appraisal of the literature in nursing and related disciplines.

  • Students will have the opportunity to develop evidence-based knowledge and skills required to manage the complex health needs of Canada’s multicultural population through health promotion and illness prevention or adaptation to illness and injury.
  • In the Nursing Leadership field students will explore concepts of contemporary nursing leadership in management, research and education.
  • Students will critically appraise and synthesize a variety of educational, environmental, and political issues that influence the Canadian health care system.
  • Students will have the opportunity to develop skills necessary to impact policy and decision-making relevant to the profession of nursing, in particular, and the health care system in general
  • In the primary health care nurse practitioner field, students will be prepared to provide collaborative and autonomous primary health care to individuals, groups or communities, with an emphasize on health promotion as well as illness/injury prevention.
  • Students will develop advanced assessment, diagnostic and clinical reasoning skills in preparation for ordering and interpreting diagnostic tests, communicating diagnoses, prescribing pharmaceuticals, and performing other specific controlled procedures.

Enrollment Cycles

  • May 2024
  • September 2024
  • January 2025

Entry Requirements

Program Specific Admission Requirements

Deadline for Fall:

  • Ph.D.: January 15
  • M.Sc.N., M.N., M.N. (Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner) and Graduate Diploma in Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner: February 1
  • Graduate Diploma in Advanced Practice Oncology/Palliative Care: suspended
  • 4 Year honours degree in a related field
  • Minimum TOEFL: IBT-100
  • Minimum IELTS: 7.0
  • Minimum Pearson: 68
  • Minimum CELBAN: Writing 7, Speaking 8, Listening 10, Reading 8


Additional Requirements

  • Submit documentation as instructed by the Faculty of Nursing


  • NURS-8300. Advanced Health Assessment, Diagnostics, and Therapeutics of the Oncology/Palliative
  • NURS-8310. Leadership and Management in Oncology/Palliative Care Settings
  • NURS-8320. Advanced Health Assessment, Diagnostics, and Therapeutics of the Oncology/Palliative
  • NURS-8330. Interprofessional Psychosocial Oncology: Introduction to Theory and Practice
  • NURS-8340. Advanced End of Life Care
  • NURS-8350. Oncology/Palliative Capstone Project
  • NURS-8360. Relational Practices with Families in Oncology and Palliative Care
  • NURS-8370. Sexual Health and Counselling in Cancer
  • NURS-8500. Pathophysiology for Nurse Practitioners
  • NURS-8520. Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner Roles and Responsibilities
  • NURS-8540.Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) for Advanced Practice Nursing (APN)
  • NURS-8560. Research Utilization Project: Evidence Based Decision Making in Health Care: Integrating
  • NURS-8570. Advanced Health Assessment and Diagnosis I
  • NURS-8580. Advanced Health Assessment and Diagnosis II
  • NURS-8610.Therapeutics in Primary Health Care I
  • NURS-8620.Therapeutics in Primary Health Care II
  • NURS-8700.Counselling Process in Nursing
  • NURS-8710 Nutrition, Lifestyle, and Chronic Disease
  • NURS-8720.Women and Health
  • NURS-8760. Management of Human Resources in Nursing
  • NURS-8780. Seminar in Current Nursing Issues
  • NURS-8800. Selected Readings in Nursing
  • NURS-8810. Theoretical Foundations of Nursing
  • NURS-8820. Advanced Statistics
  • NURS-8830. Research Methods in Nursing
  • NURS-8840. Summer Institute of Clinical Health Research
  • NURS-8850. Health of Individuals, Families and Groups
  • NURS-8910. Advanced Professional Nursing Practicum
  • NURS-8860. Community and Population Health
  • NURS-8870. Integrative Practicum in Primary Health Care
  • NURS-8880. Theoretical Foundations of Leadership
  • NURS-8890. Innovations in Nursing Leadership
  • NURS-8970. Thesis Option
  • NURS-9100. Philosophy of Science in Nursing
  • NURS-9200. Advanced Perspectives in Quantitative Research Methods and Analyses
  • NURS-9300. Advanced Perspectives in Qualitative Research
  • NURS-9410. Comprehensive Exam
  • NURS-9980. Dissertation

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