Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies

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December 2021

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First Year Course Fee

USD 1,206

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  • 4 Years
  • On Campus
  • Undergraduate
  • Degree
This is a four-year program that combines general education with basic study of community development. It is designed to develop a consistent Christian vision and approach to community development and poverty reduction

One can take full time, evening, Saturday, holiday, or blended e-learning classes

Enrollment Cycles

  • December 2021
  • September 2022
  • January 2022
  • May 2022
  • August 2022
  • April 2022
  • Requirement is a C and above or a diploma in related field.


Semester One

UC221 Environment, Development and Stewardship 3hrs
UC113 Essentials of ICT 3hrs
UC111 Bible Interpretation and Study Methods 3hrs
UC135 Bible Survey 3hrs
UC110 Foundations for Life and Mission 3hrs
UC112 Library Research and Information Competency 3hrs
UC121 English Writing and Composition 3hrs
UC133 Personal Spiritual Development 3hrs
Total 24hrs

Semester Two
DS 111 Introduction to Sustainable Development 3hrs
DS214 Community Health and Development 3hrs
DS 122 Systems Theory and Other Theories of Development 3hrs
DS123 Community Development Strategies and Approaches 3
DS131 Principles and Practice of Community Development 3hrs
FA111 Principles of Management 3hrs
GS131 Human Body and Personal Care 3hrs
GS134 Africa and World Civilization 3hrs
Total 24hrs

Semester One
DS225 Strategic Thinking in Development 3hrs
DS226 Introduction to Urban Development 3hrs
DS234 Participatory Community Development 3hrs
DS235 Disaster Preparedness and Management 3hrs
UC225 Bible Doctrines 3hrs
DS211 Global Development Policies and Strategies 3hrs
Total 18hrs

Semester Two
DS223 (E) Social Work and Community Development 3hrs
DS224 (E) Social Statistics 3hrs
GS214 Community Health and Development 
DS235 Urban Group Dynamics 3hrs
GS232 Leadership 3hrs
Total 12hrs

Semester One
DS321 Management of Community Based Organizations 3hrs
DS322 Human Communities and Conflict 3hrs
GS312 Environmental Development Stewardship 3hrs
DS335 Urban Group Dynamics 3hrs
DS 324 Contemporary Issues in Community Development 3hrs
DS 334 Organizational Assessment and Development 3hrs
DS313 Socioeconomic Analysis and Wealth Creation 3hrs
Total 21hrs

Semester Two
DS331 Project Planning and Management 3hrs
DS333 Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation 3hrs
DS301 Development Communication 3hrs
GS321 Research Design and Methods 3hrs
DS312 Gender and Affirmative Action in Development 3hrs
DS325 Local Resource Mobilization and Management 3hrs
Total 17hrs

Semester One
DS427 Project Proposal Writing and Fundraising 3hrs
DS411 Governance and Politics of Development3hrs
DS412 Project (Compulsory) 3hrs
DS422 Rural Development and Sociology 3hrs
DS425 Training and Facilitation Skills for Capacity Building 3hrs
Total 15hrs

Semester Two
DS415 Social Entrepreneurship 3hrs
DS436 Trends and Implications of Rural-Urban Migration 3hrs
DS327 Social Integration of the Physically Challenged 3hrs
DS460 Internship (Compulsory) 3hrs
DS433 Rural Development and Agribusiness 3hrs
DS414 Lobbying and Advocacy 3hrs
Total 18hrs

KES 65000 per semester

Total fees KES 520000

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