Management Information System

Yasar University, Turkey
Management Information System
Next enrollment cycle September 2024 See all cycles
First Year Fee KES 978,575
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4 Years On Campus Undergraduate Degree

Department of Management Information Systems offers education and training as a 4 year Higher Education Undergraduate Program in the School of Applied Sciences, Yaşar University. Management Information Systems; is an interdisciplinary field of both in science and in social science that incorporates the concepts of information, management, and computer.

Career opportunities

  • Graduates of the program are aimed at having sufficient knowledge about the structure and management of analytical thinking and organization, as well as having mastered the most up-to-date information systems and technologies that managers will use to optimize their decision-making processes. Management Information Systems are also accepted as a “Field of Associate Professor” by the Council of Universities. This is not only a matter for those interested in applied sciences but also it seems to be a wanted feature for prospective students who want to become an academic.

Enrollment Cycles

  • September 2024

Entry Requirements

Entry qualification 

  • High school / secondary education (or higher)
  • The entry qualification documents are accepted in the following languages: English / Turkish.
  • Often you can get a suitable transcript from your school. If this is not the case, you will need official translations along with verified copies of the original.
  • You must take the original entry qualification documents along with you when you finally go to the university.

Territory requirements 

  • Quota for the department is 2 ppl and is applicable for all the applications around the world

Language requirements 



  • CAE Grade C or above
  • Yasar University FLAT exam 65%

Other requirements 

  • At least 1 reference(s) must be provided.
  • A motivation letter must be added to your application.

Programme structure

  • Information systems have entered into every stage of everyday life and have radically altered human experience. Decision support systems have begun to be utilized intensively in institutions, organizations and organizations as the basic systems that provide the data and information to the decision makers. Establishing effective communication and interaction between non-technical staff and technical staff has been critical to the success of organizations. All these developments have greatly increased the demand for graduates of management information systems in the private and public sectors. As a result, today, there is a need to raise individuals who design, develop and use information systems that will reveal all kinds of information needed for decision-making in public and private sectors.

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