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USD 35,752

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  • 4 Years
  • On Campus
  • Undergraduate
  • Degree
  • Up to 7% scholarship
Our BA curriculum allows a student to major in one music area and to get significant experience in another field. You’ll be able to work with extra ensembles beyond those required. And you’ll be given the option to take lessons in a second performance medium and take classes in a related music area. The senior recital allows a student the option to create a recital different from the standard.
  • Music is a diverse, exhilarating field. So put yourself in Nashville — Music City — and get a head start on your musical career. No matter what you want to do with music, our outstanding faculty will be available to support you every step of the way. The size of our program guarantees access to guest artists and excellent resources. We'll connect you to internships and help you network. Scholars, musicians, and entrepreneurs who have a heart for mentoring lead our small classes and ensembles — they’re ready to help you develop your unique gifts and abilities into a career where you can work and serve.
  • Pursue your passion for music with our Bachelor of Arts degree. We've designed it to be flexible so you can grow in music, however you prefer. You'll get private lessons in your primary performance area and have the option for lessons in another area as well. Our students have freedom when senior recital comes around: standard format or unexpectedly creative. 


  • Music BA: Voice, piano, wind or string instruments

Enrollment Cycles

  • August 2023
  • January 2024

Entry Requirements 

  • Direct Admission
  • TOEFL (iBT) Overall 79
  • IELTS Overall 6.5
  • Pearson (PTE) 60 
  • Pearson Versant 64 or higher
  • Duolingo 105
  • GPA: Undergraduate: 2.5 for Direct Admission

Music, B.A.
Total hours required: 46
Specific courses required:
MU 1111 - Aural Skills I
MU 1121 - Aural Skills II
MU 1133 - Theory I
MU 1143 - Theory II
MU 2111 - Aural Skills III
MU 2133 - Theory III
MU 2402 - Music Literature
MU 3020 - Upper Division Hearing
MU 3403 - History of Church Music
MU 3413 - History of Music I
MU 3423 - History of Music II
MU 4001 - Senior Recital
MU 4020 - Piano Proficiency
MU 4612 - Conducting
Twelve additional hours to be chosen from:
additional ensembles (beyond the 8 required; maximum 8 credit hours)
private lessons on secondary instrument (maximum 4 credit hours)
any regular CMU courses
any regular MU courses except:
MU 1103 - Fundamentals of Music
MU 1641 - Class Piano I
MU 1651 - Class Piano II
MU 1741 - Class Guitar I
All course prerequisites apply to electives.

Additional Requirements:
8 semester hours of (50-minute) private lessons in one performance area, for credit; minimum 4 hours at 3000 level.

Participation and passing grade in a major ensemble for eight semesters.

MU 1000 - A Cappella Singers
MU 1050 - Wind Ensemble
MU 1080 - Orchestra
MU 2000 - Recital Seminar

Enrollment and passing grade, 8 semesters

Music Minor
Total hours required: 15
Specific courses required:
MU 1111 - Aural Skills I
MU 1133 - Theory I
MU 2402 - Music Literature
Two credit hours selected from:
MU 1661 - Piano
MU 1611 - Piano
MU 1641 - Class Piano I
MU 1651 - Class Piano II 
MU 1761 - Guitar
MU 1711 - Guitar
MU 1741 - Class Guitar I
Seven credit hours selected from:
any MU courses except: 
MU 1103 - Fundamentals of Music
any CMU courses 
All course prerequisites apply to electives.

  • Undergraduate Direct Admit 
  • Direct Admit $35,752
  •  Program Tuition Estimated Room, Board & Fees $16,044
  •  *Pricing is subject to change
  •  Undergraduate Direct Admission Scholarship
  •  Scholarship Available - Upto $6,000
  •  *Direct admission scholarship is available in each year

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