Music Production

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  • 15 Months
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  • Vocational Training
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Music, arguably a medicine for the soul, has been and remains to be part of human beings- we constantly ride on the flow and beats and words that come with good music.

Do you passionately want to become a master music producer and sound engineer, to continue blessing the world with the precious gift of music? Let me tell you what you need. You need industry practitioners for trainers, you need mentorship from experts who are universally acclaimed, you need a practical hands-on experience in modern trends as opposed to faulty archaic ways; you need Talanta Institute.

Our program entails an in-depth study into music production and sound engineering, right from the basic electronic equipment such as a computer to highly advanced equipment. We hold your hand and help you cover music production process, creation of musical ideas, music writing, beat making, recording, mixing and mastering.

You show us passion, we show you the empire of unveiling champions, and guide you towards mastering the hits on practical experience!

Enrollment Cycles

  • September 2022
  • January 2022
  • May 2022
  • Registration (Non-refundable) Ksh.3000
  • Tuition Fee Per term Ksh.39000 

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