Bachelor of Music – Classical Transfer

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September 2022

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USD 13,572

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  • 2 Years
  • On Campus
  • Undergraduate
  • Diploma

This Classical Music program is two years in length, leading to university transfer in a Bachelor of Music degree at British Columbia universities. The program can also lead to a Bachelor of Education degree with a Major in Music. Students who successfully complete two years of study at VIU are eligible for VIU’s Associate in Music diploma.

The program includes classroom lectures, seminars, and performance ensembles. Students are offered performance opportunities in a professional performance environment with an audience. Performances are evaluated by a faculty jury.

Becoming an accomplished musician requires practice, and students should be prepared to work long hours practicing their music. The program also includes an academic component that requires home assignments, for which self-discipline and good time management skills are required. The program can be completed on a part-time basis, and some courses are offered in the evenings.

Enrollment Cycles

  • September 2022
General admission requirements apply.
English 12 with minimum “C” for students enrolling in English 115, or equivalents.
Successful audition to show musical competence

Year 1
(Intro to Theory I) and,
(Basic Musicianship I)
(Musical Theory I) and,
(Musicianship I)

(Intro to Theory II) and, 
(Basic Musicianship II)
(Musical Theory II) and, 
(Musicianship II)

(History of Music I)
(Musicical Theory II)
(Private Tuition I)
(Private Tuition II)
(Keyboard Musicianship I) 
(Keyboard Harmony I)

(Keyboard Musicianship II) 
(Keyboard Harmony II)

(History of Music II)

Select one of the following:
(Choir I)
(College Singers I)
(Chamber Choir I)
(Wind Ensemble I)

Select one of the following:
(Choir II)
(College Singers II)
(Chamber Choir II)
(Wind Ensemble II)

Select two Arts/Science Electives
Degree English Requirement

Year 2
(Musicical Theory I) and, 
(Musicianship I)
(Advanced Musical Theory I)

(Musicical Theory II) and, 
Musicianship II)
(Advanced Musical Theory II)

(Private Tuition III)
(Private Tuition IV)
(Keyboard Harmony III) or (Keyboard Musicianship III)
(Keyboard Harmony IV) or (Keyboard Musicianship IV)

Select two of the following:
(Choir III)
(College Singers III)
(Chamber Choir III)
(Chamber Choir IV)

Select two of the following:
(Choir IV)
(College Singers IV)
(Chamber Choir IV)
(Wind Ensemble IV)

Year 1 - 35 Credits* Amount Tuition (35 credits x $156.80 per credit) 5,488.00 

Student Activity fee (4% of tuition) 219.52 

Student Services fee (35 credits x $6.93 per credit) 242.55 

VIU Students' Union fee (8 months x $20.90 per month) 167.20 

Health and Dental Plan fee ($275.00 per year) 275.00 

Approximate yearly cost for books and supplies 700.00 

Total 7,092.27

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