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Bachelor’s in psychology counselling

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May 2023

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USD 4,821

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  • 4 Years
  • On Campus
  • Undergraduate
  • Degree

The BA in Psychology and Counselling degree is designed to equip students with psychological knowledge to help them understand human behavior and provide skills for intervention in a multicultural setting. The course aims to promote spiritual maturity, personal growth, and provide background for further education and professional development.

One can take full time, evening, Saturday, holiday, or blended e-learning classes.  

Enrollment Cycles

  • May 2023
  • September 2023
  • January 2024
  • Requirement is a C and above or a diploma in related field.

Semester One
UC 111 Bible Interpretation & Study Methods 3hrs
UC 112 Library Research& Info Competency 3hrs
CT 110 Essentials of ICT 3hrs
UC 113 Foundations of Christian Life &Mission 3hrs
BS135 Bible Survey 3hrs
PY 122 Human Behaviour/Intro to Psychology 3hrs
Total 18

Semester Two
GS 121 English Writing &Composition 3hrs
GS 132 College Algebra 3hrs
PY 124 Psychology of Personality 3hrs
PA 113 Personal &Spiritual Development 3hrs
Personal Therapy 0
Total 15hrs

Semester One
PY 211 Development Psychology 3hrs
GS 213 Introduction to Statistics 3hrs
GS 134 African &World Civilizations 3hrs
BT 225 Basic Bible Doctrines 3hrs
PY 132 Theories of Counseling 3hrs
GS 213 Introduction to Statistics 3hrs
Total 18hrs

Semester Two
BD 312 Environment, Development and Stewardship 3hrs
PY 221 Chemical Dependency 3hrs
PY 212 Theological Foundation of Counseling 3hrs
PY 222 HIV/AIDS Counseling &Intervention 3hrs
PY 234 Psychology of Learning 3hrs
Total 15hrs

Semester One
PY 311 Marriage & Family Dynamics 3hrs
PY 312 Human Sexuality 3hrs
PY 313 Loss, Bereavement &Trauma 3hrs
PY 314 Ethical &Legal Considerations in Counseling 3hrs
PY 332 Child and Adolescent Assessment 3hrs
PY 321 Multicultural Diversity / Elective in Counseling 3hrs
Total 18hrs

Semester Two
PY 315 Health Psychology 3hrs
PY 353 Premarital Education &Counseling /Elective 3hrs
PY 323 Stress, Burnout & Burnout Counseling/ Elective 3hrs
PY 354 Disaster &Disaster Management /Elective 3hrs
GS321 Research Designs &Methods 3hrs

Total 15hrs

Semester One
GS 412 Project 3hrs
PY 432 Child &Adolescent Counseling /Elective 3hrs
PY 460 Industrial Counseling Attachment 3hrs
PY 421 Effective Parenting 3hrs
PY 411 Child abuse &Counseling/ Elective 3hrs
PY 424 Conflict & Conflict Resolution &Management 3hrs
Total 18hrs

Semester Two
PY 470 Counseling Practicum 3hrs
PY 431 Psychological Testing &Assessment/Elective3hrs
PY 352 Geriatric Psychology or Elective 3hrs
PY 357 Depression and Management or Elective 3hrs
PY 351 Witchcraft Accusations and Counseling or Elective 3hrs
Total 15hrs

KES 65000 per semester 

Total fees KES 520000

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