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MPA in Health Care Administration Track

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June 2023

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USD 11,759

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  • 2 Years
  • On Campus
  • Postgraduate
  • Degree
The Master of Public Administration (MPA) program seeks to be recognized as the primary source for public sector leadership training for the governmental and non-profit entities in South Texas.
We will achieve this by offering the opportunity for the historically underserved Hispanic population of our region the opportunity to obtain a Master of Public Administration degree that is recognized as meeting or exceeding national professional standards and competencies. Additionally, we will attract high quality students from our region, the state, the nation, and the world by offering public sector based curriculum opportunities that utilize the natural laboratory and educational opportunities that our unique geographic location provides.

The MPA has been designed to meet the needs of full-time employees wishing to earn their degree through part-time study. Students in the program will take a core of seven courses in order to increase their understanding of administrative theory, policy making, data analysis, public budgeting and finance, and human resource management.

Additionally, each student will select one of three program tracks, which specify the remaining course work in their program. The student may choose from specialized tracks in public management, healthcare administration, public safety, and non-profit management.

Enrollment Cycles

  • June 2023
  • August 2023

Entry requirements

Pre-Master’s Program (2 semesters)

  •  5.5 overall
  • Pearson (PTE) 50
  • Pearson Versant 48-54
  • Duolingo 85
  • Gao Kao English Not accepted
  • GPA: 2.50 Pre-Master’s Program
  • Up to 3 credits toward degree

Pre-Master’s Program (1 semester)

  • TOEFL (iBT) 70 overall
  • IELTS 6.0 overall
  • Pearson (PTE) 55
  • Pearson Versant 55-63
  • Duolingo 95
  • Gao Kao English Not accepted
  • GPA: 2.50 for Pre-Master’s Program
  • Up to 3 credits toward degree

Direct Admission

  • TOEFL (iBT) 79 overall
  • IELTS 6.5 overall
  • Pearson (PTE) Not Accepted
  • Pearson Versant Not Accepted
  • Duolingo 110
  • Gao Kao English Not Accepted
  • GPA: 3.0 for Direct Admission
    *Semester= 4Months
    Our team will assist you further.

Course ListCode Title Hours
MPA Core Courses 
PADM 5301 Theory and Practice of Public Administration 3Hr
PADM 5302 Policy Making and Public Administration 3Hr
PADM 5304 Human Resource Management 3Hr
PADM 5305 Public Budgeting and Finance 3Hr
PADM 5310 Public Organizations 3Hr
PADM 5311 Research Methods in Public Administration 3Hr
PADM 5365 Seminar in Public Administration - Capstone 3Hr

Public Management Track 
Broad and general preparation 
Select five public management courses from the following:
PADM 5300 U.S. Government Institutions 
PADM 5303 Administrative Ethics 
PADM 5306 Public Sector Fiscal Management and Analysis
PADM 5308 Administrative Law 
PADM 5313 Survey Research for Public and Non-Profit Managers 
PADM 5320 Diversity in Public Administration 
PADM 5331 Public and Non-Profit Management ^ 
PADM 5335 Program Evaluation 
PADM 5360 Strategic Planning 
PADM 5370 Topics in Public Administration (with coordinator approval) 
PADM 5377 Grant Writing 
PADM 5382 Emergency Management and Disaster Planning Practicum
PADM 5396 Individual Study (with coordinator approval) 
PADM 5399 Internship

Postgraduate Program

 Pre-Master’s Program (2 semesters) $12252

 Pre-Master’s Program (1 semester) $6126

 Direct Admission (2 semesters/9 credits each) Business: $11,759 Engineering/Computer Science: $12,126

 Estimated Room & Board $15,029 - $20,004

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