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Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies

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April 2023

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USD 4,821

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  • 4 Years
  • On Campus
  • Undergraduate
  • Degree
This is a four-year program that combines general education with basic study of community development. It is designed to develop a consistent Christian vision and approach to community development and poverty reduction

One can take full time, evening, Saturday, holiday, or blended e-learning classes

Enrollment Cycles

  • April 2023
  • May 2023
  • August 2023
  • September 2023
  • December 2023
  • January 2024
  • Requirement is a C and above or a diploma in related field.


Semester One

  • UC221 Environment, Development and Stewardship 3hrs
  • UC113 Essentials of ICT 3hrs
  • UC111 Bible Interpretation and Study Methods 3hrs
  • UC135 Bible Survey 3hrs
  • UC110 Foundations for Life and Mission 3hrs
  • UC112 Library Research and Information Competency 3hrs
  • UC121 English Writing and Composition 3hrs
  • UC133 Personal Spiritual Development 3hrs
  • Total 24hrs

Semester Two

  • DS 111 Introduction to Sustainable Development 3hrs
  • DS214 Community Health and Development 3hrs
  • DS 122 Systems Theory and Other Theories of Development 3hrs
  • DS123 Community Development Strategies and Approaches 3
  • DS131 Principles and Practice of Community Development 3hrs
  • FA111 Principles of Management 3hrs
  • GS131 Human Body and Personal Care 3hrs
  • GS134 Africa and World Civilization 3hrs
  • Total 24hrs

Semester One

  • DS225 Strategic Thinking in Development 3hrs
  • DS226 Introduction to Urban Development 3hrs
  • DS234 Participatory Community Development 3hrs
  • DS235 Disaster Preparedness and Management 3hrs
  • UC225 Bible Doctrines 3hrs
  • DS211 Global Development Policies and Strategies 3hrs
  • Total 18hrs

Semester Two

  • DS223 (E) Social Work and Community Development 3hrs
  • DS224 (E) Social Statistics 3hrs
  • GS214 Community Health and Development 
  • DS235 Urban Group Dynamics 3hrs
  • GS232 Leadership 3hrs
  • Total 12hrs


Semester One

  • DS321 Management of Community Based Organizations 3hrs
  • DS322 Human Communities and Conflict 3hrs
  • GS312 Environmental Development Stewardship 3hrs
  • DS335 Urban Group Dynamics 3hrs
  • DS 324 Contemporary Issues in Community Development 3hrs
  • DS 334 Organizational Assessment and Development 3hrs
  • DS313 Socioeconomic Analysis and Wealth Creation 3hrs
  • Total 21hrs

Semester Two

  • DS331 Project Planning and Management 3hrs
  • DS333 Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation 3hrs
  • DS301 Development Communication 3hrs
  • GS321 Research Design and Methods 3hrs
  • DS312 Gender and Affirmative Action in Development 3hrs
  • DS325 Local Resource Mobilization and Management 3hrs
  • Total 17hrs

Semester One

  • DS427 Project Proposal Writing and Fundraising 3hrs
  • DS411 Governance and Politics of Development3hrs
  • DS412 Project (Compulsory) 3hrs
  • DS422 Rural Development and Sociology 3hrs
  • DS425 Training and Facilitation Skills for Capacity Building 3hrs
  • Total 15hrs

Semester Two

  • DS415 Social Entrepreneurship 3hrs
  • DS436 Trends and Implications of Rural-Urban Migration 3hrs
  • DS327 Social Integration of the Physically Challenged 3hrs
  • DS460 Internship (Compulsory) 3hrs
  • DS433 Rural Development and Agribusiness 3hrs
  • DS414 Lobbying and Advocacy 3hrs
  • Total 18hrs
  • KES 65000 per semester
  • Total fees KES 520000

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