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Family and Social Relations

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May 2023

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USD 23,750

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  • 4 Years
  • On Campus
  • Undergraduate
  • Degree
  • Up to 7% scholarship
Families are dynamic. Gain theoretical and practical insights into the changes that affect families, and the social responses to those changes. This program explores child studies, sexuality and sexual health, family history and change, marriage dynamics, and gender issues. It combines courses from a variety of disciplines, including sociology, psychology, social work, history and women’s and gender studies.
  • Sample Courses: Foundations of Social Life; Sociology of Families; Researching Social Life; Sexuality and Health; Women, Race and Social Justice
  • Career Tracks: Child and youth worker, human resources manager, counselling/ rehabilitation, public relations officer, health educator

Enrollment Cycles

  • May 2023
  • September 2023
  • January 2024
  • English/ENG4U
  • Minimum Average: 70%

This Course is Available in General 3-year program, Combined Honours programs available, Honours 4 Year Programs

Degree Requirements
Total courses: forty.
(a) SACR-1100, SACR-2040, SACR-2050, SACR-2900 (or equivalent), SACR-3080, one of SACR-3900,
SACR-4160, WGST-3060;
(b) one of PSYC-2400, SACR-3010, SACR-3060; HIST-2490, HIST-2500, HIST-2510, SACR-2140, or WGST1000;
(c) three courses in the family, in sexuality or in gender:

  • Family Courses: SACR-3290, SACR-4090**, SACR-4610**, WGST-3700;
  • Sexuality Courses: SACR-3050, SACR-3510, SACR-4510, HIST-3630, WGST-3100;
  • Gender Courses three from among those not chosen under (b) above, or from the following: SACR3520, SACR-3530, SACR-3540, SACR-4080**, WGST-2200, WGST-3100, WGST-3700. If not selected
    under (b), WGST-1000 must be chosen here.

(d) six further courses selected from those not chosen above, or from the following: PSYC-2230, PSYC2240, PSYC-3270, SWRK-1170, SWRK-1180, SACR-4960.**

(e) two courses from Arts;

(f) two courses from Languages or Science;

(g) two courses from any area of study, excluding Social Sciences.

(h) GART-1500, GART-1510;

(i) SOSC-2500 (or equivalent);

(j) PSYC-1150 and PSYC-1160, if required as a prerequisite for courses chosen above: otherwise, two
Social Science courses;

(k) WGST-1000, if required as a prerequisite for courses chosen above, but not used as part of a
concentration in gender; otherwise, a Social Science course;

(l) additional courses from any area of study, including any course listed above not used to fulfil
requirements (h) to a total of forty.

  • Courses used to calculate the major average are: courses listed under requirements (a) to (d), and any courses taken in the major area(s) of study.
    Note: * 48-112 is a prerequisite for SACR-2140, PSYC-1150 and PSYC-1160 are prerequisites for further
    courses in Psychology.
  • In History, HIST-2490, SACR-2100 must be taken before HIST-4630. WGST-1000 is a prerequisite for further courses in Women's and Gender Studies.
    ** Highly recommended for those considering graduate work.
  • Family and Social Relations Honours students interested in graduate studies in Sociology should include the following courses in their program: SACR-2910, SACR-3910, plus one of SACR-4030, SACR-4050,
    SACR-4080 or SACR-4150.
  • Program Type: Undergraduate
  • Major or Degree: Arts, Humanities, Soc Science
  • Course Load: Full Time
  • Fee Category: Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Term: Fall
  • Residence: Alumni Hall - Single in a 2 Bedroom Suite
  • Meal Plan: Full Meal Plan - moderate off campus flexibility.
  • Estimated Total = $ 10722.86
  • Base Tuition
  • Base Tuition - $ 2899.90 - Assessed each term
  • Coop - $ 455.00 - If applicable

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