Child and Youth Care (BA)

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Child and Youth Care (BA)
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4 Years On Campus Undergraduate Degree

It starts with the Bachelor of Arts in Child and Youth Care program and ends with your positive mark on the lives of children and teens. Make a positive difference in the lives of young people with Vancouver Island University’s Bachelor of Arts in Child and Youth Care program.

From early intervention programs, child protection, and community-based programs, the diversity of child care courses within this program provides students with theoretical knowledge and applied skills to shape a rewarding career. The core of the program is field experience, and students will complete two 300-hour practicums. Select students can choose to specialize in child protection services. This flexible full-time or part-time program has educational grants available to students.

A full range of courses is available to complete a program of studies leading to a B.A. degree in Child and Youth Care at Vancouver Island University. The Child and Youth Care degree program is a four-year course of study (120 credits), which prepares students to enter a variety of child and youth care employment settings. These range from early intervention programs to youth corrections programs, child protection and guardianship work, community-based programs such as day-care, schools, family support and group homes.

The program is designed in response to increasing demand from employers for skilled child and youth care practitioners who are able to work in an integrated, multidisciplinary way. Some of the topics that students will be required to study are child welfare, abuse and neglect concerns, human and family development, theories of practice; and activity-based interventions. Aboriginal ways of knowing and cultural competency skills are integrated throughout the curriculum. The program is offered on a full-time, as well as a part-time basis to accommodate practitioners working in the field.

Enrollment Cycles

  • September 2024

Entry Requirements

General admission requirements apply.

  • To be eligible for admission at first year, general admission requirements apply.
  • To obtain second year standing, VIU B.A. CYC program students must complete 24 of the required 30 credits from first year. Those 24 credits must include ENGL 115and 6 credits of Human Development (normally CYC 111/112), and the following Child and Youth Care core courses (or content equivalent of) CYC 100, 101, 152, and 165, or students must have completed a recognized Human Services Certificate program that includes the English and Human Development and CYC courses or equivalency requirements as stated above.
  • To be eligible for admission to third year, students must have completed a diploma in a Human Services discipline, including completion of the Degree English requirement, (6 credits with a min. "C ") and Human Development
  • Requirement (6 credits with a min. "C "), providing courses meet the VIU CYC program requirements. Human Services Diplomas, which will be granted a block transfer of a maximum of 60 credits, must be from accredited institutions and does not include vocational or continuing studies certificates or diplomas. Successful block transfer does not guarantee an offer of admission. Elective course requirements vary depending on transfer credits or previous VIU course work.
  • The overall GPA of students to be admitted to third year will be a minimum of 2.33 ("C "), calculated on the most recent 24 credits completed, and with a min. "C " in each of the individual courses previously identified for meeting admission requirements.

To apply to the program, applicants must submit the following documents:

  • Transcripts from all secondary and post-secondary institutions/programs attended.
  • Education/work résumé.
  • Complete the personal profile.
  • Two completed reference forms.

Year 1

  • Child Development
  • Interpersonal Communication Skills in a Therapeutic Context
  • Introductions to Professional Child and Youth Care Practice
  • University Writing and Research
  • Introductions to Group Work in Child & Youth Care Practice
  • Theoretical Foundations in Child and Youth Care
  • Adolescent Development
  • Literature and Culture
  • Literature and Criticism
  • Equivalent from within the degree English requirement.

Year 2

  • An Introduction to Family Development and Support
  • Introduction to Activity Based Child and Youth Care Practice
  • Child Abuse and Neglect Concerns
  • Fundamental Counselling Skills
  • Relational Youth Work
  • Diverse Abilities in Child and Youth Care
  • Trauma and Resiliency Across the Lifespan

Year 3

  • Community and Program Development in Child and Youth Care Practice
  • Contact and Colonization: Implications for CYC Practice
  • Research in the Field of Child and Youth Care
  • CYC Professional Practice Seminar and Supervised Practicum
  • Law and Child And Youth Care Practice
  • Applying Assessment and Service Planning in CYC Practice
  • Understanding Substance Use in Child and Youth Care Practice

Year 4

  • Therapeutic Assessment Work with Families
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis
  • Advanced Supervised Project/Practicum
  • Therapeutic Intervention Plans with Families
  • Child And Youth Mental Health
  • Advanced Activity Based CYC Practice in Groups
  • Best Practices in Child Safety


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