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  • 3 Years
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  • Undergraduate
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Politics has been taught at Leicester since the 1940s and we have always been at the cutting edge of British political science. We were one of the first Sociology departments to be established in the UK, and we now have an international reputation, a wealth of experience in teaching and an enviable research pedigree.
  • Politics and Sociology are intrinsically linked as politics and policies often seek to address social issues. Over the course of your degree you will explore these links and be challenged to look at the world through new political and sociological perspective. You will also gain an understanding of the key aspects of political systems, both here in the UK and further afield.
  • There is no better city than Leicester to explore fundamental sociological concepts such as ethnicity, migration and social class. With a range of vibrant and diverse communities including Narborough Road, “the most diverse street in Britain”, Leicester offers the perfect environment to develop your craft via observation, participation and guided reflection.
  • The first year of your degree ensures that you get a thorough understanding of the main areas of both politics and sociology. In your second and third years you will have more flexibility to shape the course of your degree through the huge variety of option modules that you will be able to choose from. These option modules reflect the research interests of academic staff, exposing students to the latest thinking. Our staff are engaged in cutting-edge research and we believe that good teaching flourishes in an intellectual environment informed by original research.
  • The development of transferable skills is a key feature of teaching here at Leicester. Our courses are designed to improve your skills in written communications, oral presentation, working as part of a team, independent learning, problem solving and information technology.

Enrollment Cycles

  • September 2022

Entry requirements

  • A/AS Levels: ABB-BBB. All subjects accepted. Two AS-levels considered in place of one A-level.
  • EPQ with A-levels: BBB-BBC EPQ at grade B.
  • Access to HE Diploma: Pass diploma with 45 credits at Level 3, including 25 credits at Distinction.
  • International Baccalaureate: Pass Diploma with 28 points overall.
  • BTEC Nationals: Full Diploma with DDM.
  • Other national and international qualifications considered. If you do not meet the entry requirements for this course, you can apply for the International Foundation Year – Society and Culture run by the Global Study Centre. The GSC provides academic support to help you progress to your chosen undergraduate degree at the University of Leicester.
  • Second year entry may be possible with suitable qualifications.

Selection Process

  • When considering your application, we will look for evidence that you will be able to fulfil the objectives of the course and achieve the standards required. We will take into account a range of factors including previous exam results.
  • Applicants are not normally interviewed. If you receive an offer you will be invited to visit the University.

English Language Requirements

  • IELTS 6.5 or equivalent. If your first language is not English, you may need to provide evidence of your English language ability. If you do not yet meet our requirements, our English Language Teaching Unit (ELTU) offers a range of courses to help you to improve your English to the necessary standard.

Year 1

  • During your first year you will split your time equally between Politics and Sociology to ensure that you get a solid grounding in both subjects.

Core modules

  • Case Studies in Politics, Power and Ethics
  • Politics, Power and Ethics
  • Society in Transformation (double module)
  • Sociology in Practice (double module)

Option modules

Choose two option modules from:

  • Comparative European Politics
  • Political Concepts
  • Power in the World Economy

Year 2

  • In your second year, you will have the flexibility to choose the majority of your own modules so that you can delve deeper into the areas of Politics and Sociology that interest you the most.

Core modules

  • Political Analysis 1: Understanding Political Science Research
  • Political Analysis 2: Preparing for your Dissertation

Option modules

  • Choose two Sociology option modules from:
  • Sociological Theory Explored
  • Interpreting Sociological Texts
  • Live Sociology
  • Gender and Society

Plus one Politics option module from:

  • Political Ideas
  • The Making of Contemporary US Foreign Policy
  • Political Parties in Contemporary Britain
  • Sex and Gender in Global Politics

Plus one Politics option module from:

  • European Union Politics
  • Foreign Policy Analysis
  • Governing Societies in Conflict
  • Latin American Politics
  • Contemporary Political Philosophy: Theories of Justice
  • Politics of the Global South

Plus two Sociology option modules from:

  • Sociology of Fashion
  • Victims and Offenders
  • Work, Employment and Society
  • Japan: Culture, History and Power
  • Sociology Through Literature and Film
  • The Politics of Beauty

Final Year

  • In your final year, half of your time will be spent studying politics and the other half sociology.
  • You will be able to choose from a wide range of modules in these subjects.

You will choose one main piece of work from the following:

  • Politics Dissertation
  • Sociology Research Project
  • Sociology Real World Research

Option modules

  • You will choose five option modules from the lists below.
  • If you take the Politics Dissertation, you will choose one Politics module and four Sociology modules - three modules from lists labelled A and two from lists labelled B.
  • If you take the Research Project or Real World Research, you will choose one Sociology module and four Politics modules - two modules from lists labelled A and three from lists labelled B. 

Politics A

  • Feminism
  • The American Presidency
  • The Politics of War and Peace: Northern Ireland After 1972
  • Parliamentary Studies
  • Brexit and British Politics
  • Political Legacies of Conflict in Northern Ireland
  • Climate Change: Ethics, Issues, Justice
  • Politics of the International Drug Trade
  • International Migration in the Age of Securitisation
  • Corruption, Informality and Scandals

Sociology A

  • Living With Risk
  • Drugs and Society
  • Social Psychology

Politics B

  • Politics and the Environment
  • The Conservatives: Crisis and Recovery
  • American Political Development
  • Global Justice and Human Rights
  • The Politics of Slavery
  • Political Legacies of Conflict in Northern Ireland
  • Political Participation in Britain
  • Democracy and EU Membership in Post-Communist Europe

Sociology B

  • Football and Society
  • Space, Place and Contemporary Culture
  • Autobiographical Society
  • Sociology of Health and Illness
  • Growing Up and Growing Older
  • The Global Sex Trade

Year Abroad (optional)

  • If you want to, you can spend your third year studying abroad at one of our partner institutions (eligibility is dependent on your academic performance in Years 1 and 2). Alternatively, you can opt to continue studying at the University and complete your degree in three years.
  • UK and EU Students 
  • Starting in 2021 
  • The University of Leicester has made the decision to keep fees for EU students at the same level as UK student fees for this year, despite this no longer being a UK Government requirement. £9,250 in your first year. 
  • Tuition fees are subject to government regulations and may change in future years 
  • Year Abroad: your fee will be £1,250 for that year 
  • If you are resident outside the UK and the Republic of Ireland, you will need to pay a deposit of £2,000 to secure your place. This will be subtracted from your total tuition fee.

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