Master in Tourism & Hospitality Management

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Master in Tourism & Hospitality Management
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1 Years On Campus Postgraduate Degree

An increasingly globalized world has led tourism to become the fastest growing industry in business today. Modern companies require academically qualified, visionary leaders with an entrepreneurial mindset to create new business models and understand changes in technology and consumer trends. Focusing on the development of executive skills and strategic aptitudes, this program explores the theories, practices and frameworks that make up the tourism and hospitality fields, while developing understanding of international and intercultural management needs.

Companies require academically qualified, visionary leaders to create new business models and understand changes in technology and consumer trends in the tourism industry.

EU's Master in Tourism & Hospitality Management program explores the theories, practices and business models that make up the tourism and leisure field. Focusing on the development of management skills and strategic thinking, students will develop key industry competences as well as international and intercultural management abilities which are needed in this dynamic and fast-changing sector.

Enrollment Cycles

  • October 2024
  • January 2025
  • March 2025

Entry Requirements

  • certified copy of bachelor's degree and transcripts
  • Proof of English level: TOEFL score 89 (internet-based), 233 (computer-based); IELTS 6.5; CAE C1 with a minimum score of 176; PTE score 59; English native or equivalent

Applicants must also meet one of the following:

  • A GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale
  • A satisfactory score on the GMAT or GRE
  • An interview with the academic dean
  •  Students who do not meet the criteria will have an interview with the admission committee and will be considered on a merit basis. For more information, please contact the admissions department of your chosen campus.

The Master in Tourism & Hospitality Management (60 ECTS) is a one-year program, divided into three terms. Each term comprises four courses (4 ECTS each) and one seminar (2 ECTS). Throughout the year, students are also exposed to real-life case studies, games and business simulations. In order to graduate, participants must also complete a business plan (6 ECTS).


(13 CH | 18 ECTS)

Foundations of Business Management

This course focuses on the management of organizations. It will examine the skills and functions needed by managers to run efficient and effective organizations. Themes such as motivation, communication, leadership and strategy will be covered.

3 CH | 4 ECTS

Environments of Tourism

This course gives students a geographical, political and economic understanding of contemporary tourism, with special focus on the impact of natural resources and global climate change. This fundamental knowledge is used as a framework for identifying and understanding the drivers of tourism and for making forecasts about emerging trends in the industry. Through practical case studies and theoretical learning techniques, students will learn how to compose an international and regional picture of geopolitics and geo-economics and their influence on tourism.

3 CH | 4 ECTS

Finance Management

This course aims to convey knowledge about the management of a tourist business and about its connection to the financial world. Students will explore the financial strategies used in the development of tourism project and become familiar with fundamental financial terminology. Examination of feasibility studies and the development of business plans form the basis of class discussion and learning. This course focuses particularly on evaluating new investment opportunities and their financing. Students evaluate the most effective ways to acquire funds from financial markets and examine current events that affect the business environment.

3 CH | 4 ECTS

Tourism Marketing

This course provides students with in-depth knowledge of how an organization can offer value to the customer using both tangible and intangible facets. This module will examine the parameters which need to be managed to situate the organization in a strong market position. Students will be introduced to key factors influencing customer behavior in this sector together with the concepts and principles of marketing management. At the end of the course, students will produce a strategic marketing plan for a tourism and hospitality organization.

3 CH | 4 ECTS

Seminar: Sustainable Tourism: Policies & Ethics

This seminar considers the main challenges regarding the impact of tourism on the environment and global society. Students assess these challenges and hypothesize about their future impact, while discussing solutions to incorporate sustainability into the tourism business and society in general.

1 CH | 2 ECTS

(13 CH | 18 ECTS)

The Tourism Industry

The course draws together and develops concepts of the hospitality sector, events management, leisure and recreational management, cultural heritage, and luxury and travel issues. Students analyze the complex inter-relationships between the public and private sectors in tourism development, and evaluate philosophical issues concerning the development of tourism in different cultures and societies.

3 CH | 4 ECTS

Cross-Cultural Team Management

This course provides students with the key concepts and theories surrounding cross-cultural communication. In our interdependent world, we all need to be able effectively and skillfully work within the framework of intercultural communication knowledge, cross-cultural skills and understand and apply the sensitivities to be able to functions within a cross-cultural working environment such as the tourism and hospitality sector.

3 CH | 4 ECTS

Operations Management

This course examines the functional area of operations management in the tourism industry. Topics include decision-making, capacity planning, aggregate planning, forecasting, inventory management, distribution planning, project management and quality control. Students learn how to use a range of concepts and analytical tools to solve common operational problems.

3 CH | 4 ECTS

Digital Tourism: Marketing Strategies & Online Commercialization

As the adoption and use of internet, mobile internet, tablets and smart phones continues to increase so does the importance of digital marketing. The use of online marketing and social media is now a fundamental part of business. Students develop their knowledge of online marketing tools, instruments and theories into a broader theoretical model/framework and gain an understanding of the value of online marketing and social media as contemporary marketing practices.

3 CH | 4 ECTS

Seminar: Marketing & Communication Skills

This seminar examines and illustrates the strategic way in which tourism and hospitality organizations plan and coordinate their marketing activities. Students consider a range of industry examples used by successful businesses in order to meet customers’ wants and needs in a constantly changing market.

1 CH | 2 ECTS


(13 CH | 18 ECTS)

Hospitality Management

This course provides students with a broad perspective of hospitality organizations and their operations, and gives insights into the origin, meanings and development of hospitality management. Students will analyze and reflect on the different cultural concepts of hospitality. In addition, students will be able to demonstrate a critical awareness of the boundaries of hospitality.

3 CH | 4 ECTS

Entrepreneurship, Change Management & Leadership

The course aims to develop students’ understanding of business management practices specific to the tourism and hospitality industry. The course will evaluate the internal and external factors that affect the success of businesses in this industry. Students will be introduced to both theoretical and practical aspects of the entrepreneurship, change management and leadership process, offering a realistic insight into the process and organization to conceive, research and communicate a credible business proposal/idea in order to secure the necessary external resources to start a new business.

3 CH | 4 ECTS

Innovation in the Tourism Industry

Innovation management establishes a framework for developing and maintaining innovation and new product development capabilities in the world of tourism. This allows opportunities and areas for innovation and research in the company are identified, while linking it to the practical development of new products and establishing the conditions for launching them successfully. It also examines the foundations of digital business and the business models, commonly used and emerging technologies, as well as discussing the organizational impacts and management implications of moving into digital business.

3 CH | 4 ECTS

Information Technologies in Tourism

This course will show students how innovation and innovative processes could be applied to tourism by providing a profound understanding of the role of information systems as we continue to move further into the digital world. We will highlight what information systems are, how they have evolved to become a vital part of modern organizations, and why this understanding is necessary for students to become an effective manager in the digital world, focusing on the tourism industry by studying and analyzing industry-specific case studies.

3 CH | 4 ECTS

Seminar: Applied Cases in Tourism

This seminar aims to provide students with the necessary skills for effective communication of a luxury brand. Based on storytelling and persuasion, students will learn the importance of creativity, being authentic and building an experience for the customer.

1 CH | 2 ECTS

graduate, participants must also complete a business plan (6 ECTS).

GRADUATION (Requirements)

Final Project

Students will also be required to submit a final project (6 ECTS) at the end of their studies and to attend field trips, company visits and fairs as part of the experiential learning method.

4 CH | 6 ECTS

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