Bachelor of Tourism Management

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Bachelor of Tourism Management
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First Year Fee KES 2,417,943
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4 Years On Campus Undergraduate Degree

Vancouver Island University is the heart of a tourism and recreation hub, which means your backyard could be both your classroom and your playground.

The Bachelor of Tourism Management program is a continuation of the knowledge developed through the hospitality, tourism, and outdoor recreation diploma programs. With community-based projects and two paid co-op semesters, students gain opportunities to forge valuable industry connections and experience.

Upon graduation students find exciting career opportunities in commercial recreation and tourism, adventure tourism, tour operations, not-for-profit agencies, and inclusive leisure. VIUā€™s Tourism degree gives students the leading edge in this high-demand and growing industry.

The Bachelor of Tourism Management (BTM) program builds on existing diploma programs in Recreation and Sport Management, Tourism Studies and Hospitality Management that stress career-entry skills. Students may apply to the third year of the degree program after completing a diploma in various fields including Recreation, Travel and Tourism, or Hospitality, Physical Education, and Outdoor Recreation.

The degree program will provide applied skills and concepts related to the design of tourism products and management of tourism services. The degree will focus on the development of management and entrepreneurial skills needed for people wishing to assume greater responsibilities within an organization, or for those wishing to start new enterprises.

Enrollment Cycles

  • September 2024

Entry Requirements

  • The following are admission requirements for students applying to Year 1 of the Bachelor of Tourism Management program:

General admission requirements apply.

  • Official transcript of grades from high school (and post-secondary institutions where applicable).

Year 1

  • Introduction to Recreation
  • Marketing Recreation Experience
  • Co-operative Education Preparation
  • Risk Management and Legal Liability in Recreation
  • Diversity and Inclusion in Recreation
  • Organizing and Leading Recreation Activities
  • Program Planning I
  • University Writing and Research
  • Business Computer Applications
  • Accounting for Non-Financial Managers
  • Co-op Education Work Placement I

Year 2

  • Recreation Administration
  • Co-operative Education Preparation
  • Recreation Places and Spaces
  • Leisure Across the Lifespan
  • Assessment and Evaluation Methods in Recreation
  • Sustainability in Recreation
  • Program Planning II
  • Business and Technical Writing
  • Co-op Education Work Placement II
  • Tourism Studies Option

Year 1

  • Introduction to Tourism
  • Marketing Tourism Experiences
  • Co-operative Education Preparation
  • Risk Management and Legal Liability in Tourism
  • Diversity and Inclusion in Tourism
  • Organizing and Leading Tourism Activities
  • Event Planning I
  • University Writing and Research
  • Accounting for Non-Financial Managers
  • Business Computer Applications
  • First Co-Operative Education Work Placement

Year 2

  • Understanding Visitor Behaviour
  • Tourism Management Principles and Practice
  • Co-operative Education Preparation
  • Tourism Places and Spaces
  • Market Research in Tourism
  • Sustainability in Tourism
  • Event Planning II
  • Business and Technical Writing
  • Second Co-operative Education Work Placement

Year 3

  • Niche Tourism
  • Financial Management in Recreation and Tourism
  • Data Analysis for Decision Making
  • Managing Human Resources and Behaviour
  • Applied Research Methods in Recreation & Tourism Management
  • Experiential Product Development in Tourism

Four General Electives

  • Co-operative Education Work Placement III or - Internship

Year 4

  • Entrepreneurship in Recreation and Tourism
  • Strategic Leadership & Innovation
  • Leisure Planning for Resilience
  • Issues & Trends in Professional Practice
  • Project Management
  • Tourism Marketing
  • Four General Electives

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