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  • 3 Months
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In this digital age, a marketer has to embrace advancements and utilize the now available technology and skills reliably and professionally, to reach out professionally to targeted markets.

  • Do you desire to become a professional digital marketer because you strongly feel that that is who you were farmed out to be? Are you sifting through options wondering to what training should you put yourself into?
  • Talanta Institute brings your questions to their answers, with a unique, pace-keeping (trendy with the latest developments in the world) course in digital marketing. Designed to cover all tenets of this discipline and train in even more including branding and entrepreneurship in this field, this course puts you in the hands of industry practitioners with brilliant records and impeccable excellence.
  • In these modern times, engines, social media, email, and websites are skillfully leveraged by businesses to squeeze out best desired results in marketing, and Talanta Institute is at the forefront in providing best training. We provide a detailed understanding of digital technologies, and their implementation in marketing.
  • This course has been designed to offer a practical guide and experience allowing you to develop the core techniques in digital marketing, for those who want to understand the key elements of building, running and monitoring an effective digital marketing campaign.

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  • Registration (Non-refundable) Ksh.3000 
  • Tuition Fee Per term Ksh.45000 

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