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6 reasons why international students love to study in North Cyprus

Quality variety of courses

Universities offer two specialties: tourism and hotel management, with the temperate climate, the sea, beaches and much more in Cyprus attracts many tourists every year. Medicine is also top priority for international students with universities offering training in Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, etc. Among the popular specialties we can specify computer science, software, information technology, systems engineering, computer engineering, etc. Students have the opportunity to use computers with Internet access in all classrooms of the academic building. The universities in Northern Cyprus are accredited by the Turkish Higher Education Council (YÖK), which means that they meet international standards of quality.

Natural Beauty

The paradise island, known for its incomparable natural beauty and full unique historical treasures. North Cyprus is also well known for its stunning beaches all around the island, but Golden Beach, located to the far north of the island is just breathtaking. Miles of golden sand in an unspoilt, unpolluted and uncrowded coastline is something you must experience when you visit North Cyprus.

Muticultural Life

The diverse cultural setting in North Cyprus offers students a distinct chance to engage with classmates from various backgrounds. This exposure to diverse cultures and viewpoints cultivates a global mindset, enabling students to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the world. Additionally, it refines their communication and interpersonal abilities, enhancing their adaptability in the interconnected global landscape.

Study in a Safe and Friendly Environment

Northern Cyprus is a safe and welcoming country with a rich culture and history. You’ll be sure to feel at home here. North Cyprus offers the most hospitable welcome, with its friendly people, its beautiful natural attractions and rich culture.

Work On Campus

Many universities offer part-time job opportunities on campus, such as research assistants or student assistants. These positions provide valuable experience related to the student’s field of study.

Affordable Cost of Living

The cost of living in Northern Cyprus is relatively low, especially when compared to other European countries. You can expect to spend around €500 per month on accommodation, food, and other expenses. North Cyprus offers a variety of affordable recreational activities, including visiting historical sites, enjoying the beaches, and exploring local culture. Students can also take advantage of student discounts offered at cinemas, theaters, and museums.

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Do I have to speak Turkish?

No, almost all the courses on our platform are in English.

If you apply to a school that teaches in Turkish, you are expected to be proficient in Turkish. If the language of study is English, you’re not required to know Turkish however you are strongly encouraged to learn, to get the most out of your social and cultural experience.

What is the language of instruction in universities in North Cyprus?

The language of instruction at Universities in North Cyprus is English – depending on the university you are applying to. In English teaching institutions, the Turkish language of study is optional – however, you are encouraged to learn the language to enhance your living experience.

Do I need a visa?

As a Kenyan student, you don’t have to apply for a visa since the visa is issued within 2 weeks of arrival in North Cyprus. Once a student accepts the offer letter, they will be required to get their academic documents certified by the ministry of education, foreign affairs, and the Turkish embassy. Once this is done, an ‘OK to board’ is sent by the university for the student to be allowed to travel to the country.

Can I work if I have a student visa?

Yes, but students must obtain a separate work permit to work and there is a limit to the fields within which you may work.

How much are living expenses in Cyprus?

Approximately Euro 4000 per year.

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