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6 reasons why international students love to study in Turkey

Culturally Rich

Turkey has a rich history and culture, beautiful nature and big cities. There's plenty to do no matter what you prefer! Hot air ballon Rides in Cappadocia, exploring all the food options in Istanbul, Visit Pamukkale - a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Our you can spend some time learning Turkish, the 5th most spoken language in the world.

Work Opportunities

As a Postgraduate student in Turkey you are allowed to work full time! Many Universities schedule their courses in the evenings to that you have flexibility to work during the day. As an undergraduate student you are allowed to gain valuable work experience through the many internship opportunities facilitated by the Universities. If you attend a private university, there are often opportunities to work part time on Campus. A great way to really embrace the university life!

Affordable Cost of Living

Turkey is a very affordable country to live in! Living cost can be as low as Euro7,000/year. You can meet your needs such as accommodation, food and drink and entertainment at affordable prices. You can stay at the dormitories within or near the University campuses, or rent a house for a reasonable lease. And there are a lot of discounts available for students!

International Community

Turkey is amazingly international! There are 600,000 int'l students, and there are 20,000 english taught programs to choose from. In Istanbul, you can find 15 million people from 200 countries! Meaning you can find food and cultures from all over the world and certainly also find a community that can give you a little piece of your own home.

Internationally Recognized Education

Turkish education is highly regarded and well recognized worldwide. Many graduates from Turkish Universities go on to Europe to kickstart their careers. All Universities in Turkey are part of the Erasmus programs so there are many opportunities to make your education even more international by spending a semester or year abroad.

Research & Innovation

Turkey is at the forefront of research and innovation. The country was ranked 7th in scientific output among OECD countries, with a record number of scientists, engineers, and technicians per capita. Turkey ranks first in Europe for producing the most science, technology, and engineering graduates per year.

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Do I have to speak Turkish?

If you apply to a school that teaches in Turkish, you are expected to be proficient in Turkish. If the language of study in English, you’re not required to know Turkish however you are strongly encouraged to learn to get the most out of your social and cultural experience.  

What is the language of instruction in Turkish Universities?

The language of instruction at Turkish Universities is Turkish and/or English – depending on the university you are applying to. In English teaching institutions, the Turkish language of study is optional – however you are encouraged to learn the language to enhance your living experience.

Do I need a Visa?

Once you receive an offer letter, you apply for the student visa at the Turkish Consolate in your country. Acceptance will take 15 – 45 days. Upon arriving in the country, you’ll be required to apply for a residence permit within 30 days. This will allow you to travel in and out of Turkey without re-applying for the visa.

Can I work if I have a student visa?

Foreign students work legally in Turkey upon obtaining a student residence permit.

Are Turkish Universities recognised internationally?

Craydel represents approved Universities that have obtained their license from the Turkish Higher Education Ministry which is recognized by the EU.

How much are living expenses in Turkey?

Approximately Euro 7000 per year.

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