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What is Architecture? In the words of Julia Morgan, Architecture is a visual art and buildings speak for themselves. The fact that one of the most important architecture courses requirements is to have free and unique thinking itself says a lot about the professional lines it opens.
  • Architecture always mirrors the age and cultural context that produced it and architecture degree courses provide you skills to do that.
  • A diploma in architecture includes studio work, production of scrupulously detailed drawings, and rigorous practical on-site knowledge along with tutorials and critique lessons.
  • Students of architecture courses also attend lectures on history, theory, art and technology focused to provide them with competency in various design programs and hence give them adroitness to work globally.
  • Expand your knowledge of architecture, and be able to expand your resume with projects elsewhere with Craydel’s study abroad offers.

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Top Marketable Careers for Architecture Course Graduates

There are various sections of the construction world where you can choose to specialize into, like residential architecture, commercial architecture or industrial architecture etc. Career options that open their gates for you after you get an online architecture degree or pursue a full time architecture degree course include-

  • Urban Designer

    Urban Designer

    Working as an urban designer involves creating, adapting or reviewing plans and designs for urban spaces, mostly concentrated on a single field of expertise. You may be responsible for the development, revitalization or rebuilding of an area, regional planning, town and city planning etc. You will have to address political, environmental as well as cultural and social issues with your design plans.

    As an urban designer, you will learn how to perform field investigations, manage or develop government land services, site inspection and critical data analysis and to recommend changes. Entry-level positions into urban designing can be attained after with a bachelor's degree, but most advanced positions require earning a master's degree in urban design and of course, some experience in the field. The average salary of an urban designer is $70K per year.

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  • Landscape Architect

    Landscape Architect

    Landscape architects are maestros behind the creation of city parks , golf courses, office complexes,suburban areas, college campuses, and public spaces. The job roles include landscape designing, developing contract documents and overseeing the construction. A landscape architect works with their client to meet the vision they have for their outdoor space, while adding the touch of their own creativity.

    Landscape architects after completing their specialised training or a diploma in architecture, spend much of their time in offices, where they create designs, prepare models, and meet with clients throughout their career. They spend the rest of their time at job sites. The average salary of a landscape architect is $70K per year.

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  • Architectural Technologist

    Architectural Technologist

    Architectural technologists provide technical assistance to civil engineers and construction architects in carrying out research; preparing civil drawing, blueprints, mechanical and dimensional designs of architectural models, specifications and contracts. The job profile also includes resolving potential design issues before and during the construction, all from technical aspects.

    Surveying the site, selecting the most suitable and feasible material of construction, taking care of legal issues are often included in the role, which needs skills like data analysis, mechanics and competency in CAD like softwares, which are often the part of the curriculum of almost all architecture degree courses. The average salary of an architectural technologist is $90K per year.

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  • Conservation Architect

    Conservation Architect

    Also known as preservation architect and is one of the most exciting fields to work on, your job is to preserve and/or restore old pieces of architecture that have historical value by making repairs and renovations, in order to keep them from decaying. A conservation architect will be expected to travel extensively to job sites around the country and abroad during your career.

    The aim of the conservation architect is to restore the cultural and social heritage of the building whilst adding value to it. You literally get the power to bring old buildings to this century. The average salary of a preservation architect is $70K, but it depends on the client you are working for.

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  • Commercial Architect

    Commercial Architect

    The designing and construction of in non-residential ventures such as retail stores, office complexes, hotels, museums, hospitals, public buildings, government centers etc come under the job description of a commercial architect. They also establish and maintain budgets, schedules, communicate the project’s scope and deliverables to clients and manage the project delivery process.

    The beauty of being a commercial architect lies in the final product of years of hard work. Commercial buildings are often lavishly built and your clients will tend to have big budgets, giving you room to be more creative. The average salary of a commercial architect is $65K per year.

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  • Interior Designer

    Interior Designer

    Interior designers often need to pursue interior architecture courses which can be short span courses after you have a diploma or bachelor degree in architecture. Your mission in career is to use light and color to create functional, stylish spaces that meet their clients' aesthetic and organizational needs.

    The need of interior designers is rapidly growing over the years as the world is quickly developing and people want a lavish lifestyle. The job comes with nurturing your creativity to its fullest along with applying your futuristic, imaginative, and artistic approach aligned with your clients needs. There is definite exposure and you grow as fast as your work is talked about, giving you wings to dive into entrepreneurship. Average salary of an interior designer is $60K per year plus bonuses.

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