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The collateral part of studying law courses is to be aware of one’s rights and to be sensitive to those of others. An LLB degree or taking the best law courses is not just a part of the courtroom and endorse justice, law is practically a part of our daily lives and its social aspects. –

  • Global leaders and statesmen like Mahatma Gandhi, Satya Nadela, and Barack Obama are all who studied law, which is one of the oldest and highly regarded degrees.
  • Attain the comprehension of legal matters and theories, policies, and case studies.
  • Corporate law courses also provide you with skills like understanding of contemporary business, politics, sociology, and ethics/morality.
  • Enroll yourself into highly reputed law schools with specializations like Civil law, Tax law, Criminal law, etc. in your country or abroad with Craydel

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Top Marketable Careers for Law Course Graduates

Law professionals are now needed in almost every section of the unstable world. With various specializations like an LLM degree, LLB degree, business law degree, and international law degree, gates to various career paths open up:

  • Criminal Lawyer

    Criminal Lawyer

    Criminology is one of the most widely incorporated and very important specialization paths for LLB and LLM degree aspirants, where offenses against the society or state are dealt with. Investigations, interrogations, and interviewing clients and witnesses are all part of the job. You prepare a defense and argue your client’s case in front of the judge and jury.

    Correlating findings and reviewing evidence requires investigative and deductive skills. You can fight your client’s case from local court to supreme court with proper channels. Depending on the severity of the case and your client, becoming a defense attorney also brings in a handy amount of money with experience, along with helping people get the justice they deserve. Did you know that an average US defense attorney earns around $80K per year?

  • Corporate Lawyer

    Corporate Lawyer

    Becoming a corporate counsel is one of the most attractive fields for business law course graduates and law professionals across the globe. The main role in the job profile is to help a firm or a set of firms to comply with the rules and regulations of their sector while forming the organisation, along with protecting them and providing legal services during a corporate dispute as well as to the staff on a longer run.

    Government legislation, bargaining arrangements, patents, contracts, and land rights related laws are often required to be mastered as a corporate lawyer. Along with this, budgeting, financial accounting skills, and the ability to evaluate and interpret problems as well as draft legal opinions are preferred by employers. Depending on how big your organisation is, your salary may vary. The average salary of a corporate lawyer in the US is around $150K per year.

  • Judicial Services

    Judicial Services

    Being a judge is a highly responsible and decisive role as the judge presides over court proceedings and gives the final verdict on a case. Judges have duties both inside and outside the courtroom. From educating the jury about a case to proof admissibility and inquiring witnesses, a judge functions on various levels to provide justice to the guilty and the innocent.

    There are various paths to becoming a judge and it often depends on the country you’re in after you complete a law course. An LLB degree and a considerable amount of experience as a magistrate is often a prerequisite. A judge is a highly respected profession and you get an opportunity to shape the law to have a better judiciary system. The average base salary of a state judge in the US is around $80K per year, but there are a lot of other perks depending on which country and place comes under your jurisdiction.

  • Civil Law

    Civil Law

    A civil lawyer or litigator deals with non-criminal cases and legal disputes. From defaming or harm suits to handling mortgages, a civil lawyer has a variety of shoes to fill in and hence is a very demanding job as the roots of it are spread across the legal network.

    Becoming a highly reputed civil lawyer needs you to have knowledge about family and divorce law, corporate law, personal injury law, employment, and property law as well as environmental law. Due to the diverse nature of this profession, you need a high conflict resolution sense. The average salary of a civil litigator in the USA is $100K per year.

  • Cyber Law

    Cyber Law

    With a lot of firms in the world being practically running and built on the internet or definitely using one of its services in their daily tasks, cyber crime is increasing as cyberspace keeps growing. Cyber lawyers are law experts who serve as agents to deal with areas like data protection and privacy and intellectual properties. Advising and scrutinizing correct infrastructure and channels for e-commercing is in high demand.

    You can get a diploma or bachelor in cyber law course and can work as a legal cyber advisor. Cyber lawyers are often freelancing agents who can work for an organisation, business, or the government as well. The average salary of a cyber lawyer in the USA is $100K per year.

  • International Lawyer

    International Lawyer

    International law is what binds the treaties, rules, and agreements between countries. There are three majors that you can build your forte in while getting an international law degree i.e private (between private entities), public(between a country and international entities), and supranational law(dispute between two sovereign nations).

    As an International lawyer, your job profile consists of challenging but stimulating roles. In addition to the course, you will need skills in a comparative approach, critical thinking, and analytical reasoning. Being multilingual gives you the edge as your clients might be registered in other countries. The average salary of an International lawyer in the USA is $139K per year.

  • Legal Publishing and Journalism

    Legal Publishing and Journalism

    Legal journalism is severely underrated yet a very exciting career to get into. After an LLB degree, many lawyers nowadays choose to work for the press and media, including new channels or newspaper companies. Their main role is to attend court hearings and provide the right information to the public via media and hence play an important role.

    Your job profile will also include debating and discussing legal issues on a media platform as you gain experience. Becoming a legal journalist requires writing and communication skills as you have to constantly deliver the right information to the common public. The average salary of a Legal journalist in the USA is around $86K per year.

  • Business lawyer

    Business lawyer

    An LLB or LLM degree holder can choose to become a business lawyer if you have a knack for the business world. You will provide legal advice in nearly all aspects of a business, being an important factor to help a small business proliferate to excellence by helping them with the bureaucratic processes that their business model has to go through.

    Having knowledge about income tax, real estate tax, estate tax and franchises can give you the edge to get more clients. Your profile can also include reviewing contracts, partnership agreements, overlooking staff manuals, and enforcing policies.

  • Human rights lawyer

    Human rights lawyer

    Choosing to become a human rights lawyer after a law course gives you the platform to play at the vanguard as a legal counsel to fight for the victims of human rights violation. Your duty will be to ensure that the basic human rights are safeguarded and defended for those who have been desecrated from them, including women, children, LGBTQ rights, indigenous groups, etc.

    It sounds basic but a human rights lawyer needs to have a lot of knowledge, experience, and practical foresight. Although most Human rights lawyers tend to do private practice, their importance has been recognized by the world over the decades and there are firms who hire human rights lawyers as well. The average salary of a Human rights lawyer is around $98K per year.

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