How International Students Access Cheapest Education In The UK In 2023- Details Explained Here

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How International Students Access Cheapest Education In The UK In 2023- Details Explained Here

The UK has earned a stellar reputation for its world-class education system, dynamic cultural environment, and warm hospitality towards international students. It’s no surprise that more than half a million students from across the world flock to the UK every year to study higher education.

Apart from exceptional education, affordability is also a major reason for studying in the United Kingdom. There are various cheapest universities where you can make your dream come true to Study in UK, and not only this, you can build a strong career by pursuing study programs in these colleges or universities.

There are numerous scholarships from the UK government for international students financially for their education in the UK. The UK government also allows these students to do part-time jobs to support their financial needs.

Understanding Affordability

One of the major reasons for affordable study options in the UK is because of its curriculum structure. In the UK your degree will be completed in less time than in other countries. This is how you would be able to save more money. However, four-year programs are getting popular every passing day, most UK degree programs are three-year courses, and a master’s degree is typically between one and two years.

Although international students can manage their studies so that their education in the UK is affordable, UK education policymakers are noticing an alarming trend in the cost of education for non-EU students, especially from Nigeria, Kenya, and Brazil.

One recent study from the Higher Education Policy Institute reported that the government of the UK must take some measures to contain and lower tuition and living costs to stay competitive in the hunt for international students. As global competition for international students gets intense, it is expected that the UK government will take some serious steps to keep the country a most preferred destination for international students, especially for countries with low per capita income.

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How much does it cost international students to pursue a study program in the UK?

Course fees

Fees for courses in the UK vary depending on the study program, the level of study as well as university/college you choose. For instance, humanities and social sciences study programs generally have the lowest tuition fees, while clinical and laboratory degree programs Cost of Studying In The UK 


At the undergraduate level, international students have to pay a tuition fee between £11,400 – £38,000. Though the average cost for undergraduate programs is expected to be around £22,200 per year.

In general, undergraduate degrees in England, Northern Ireland, and Wales last for three years and four in Scotland.


For the postgraduate level, international students have to pay the tuition fees between £9,000 – £30,000. The average cost would be around £17,109 per year.

There are numerous postgraduate courses in the UK that can be pursued in one year of full-time study. These programs offer financial and career advantages. A one-year postgraduate course usually takes fewer and lower associated costs. It gives the option of faster entry to employment over a two-year traditional postgraduate course.

As tuition fees vary by college/university and course, Craydel recommends you go through the website of the college or university you wish to apply to.

Scholarship programs for international students in the UK

University Annual International Tuition Fees Scholarships Available
Coventry University £16,800 – £19,850
  • International Pathways scholarship ( £3,000)
  • Outstanding Sports Scholarships (£1,000-£3,000)
Queens University Belfast £18,800-£34,450
  • International Office Undergraduate Scholarships(£2500 or £3000)
  • Early Confirmation Award
University of Suffolk £14,616-£15,300
  • The Ipswich Award 2023  (£1000)
University of East Anglia £24,026-£30,827
  • International Country Award

Technical Institutes in the UK for International Students

Name of College/University Best Universities for Engineering Ranking Global Ranking
University of Oxford 56 5
University of Cambridge 62 8
University of Manchester 75 63
University of Nottingham 81 145
University College London 85 12
University of Southampton 163 104
University of Leeds 168 140
University of Liverpool 170 146
University of Edinburgh 198 34


Scholarship programs for international students in the UK


Postgraduate funding


The UK government offers diverse scholarship programs to financially support international students who want to afford their studies in the UK.

The three main scholarships that the UK government offers are:

  • Great Scholarships
  • Chevening Scholarships
  • Commonwealth Scholarships

Global scholarships

  • S. Hornby Trust Scholarship
  • Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan
  • British Council scholarships for women in STEM
  • Global Wales Scholarships for International Students

Country-specific scholarships

  • Young Cell Scheme
  • Charles Wallace Pakistan Trust Scholarships
  • Marshall Scholarship

If you want to Study in UK, you must have financial support. It is good that you have enough balance when you apply for studies in the UK. But achieving a scholarship will help you save your parent’s hard-earned money. For more information, you can also consult the team of Craydel. We would love to explain everything related to Scholarships for international students in the UK. You need to complete our simple form, and our counselors will contact you.

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