How To Apply To A University In The UK In 2023- Details Are Here

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How To Apply To A University In The UK In 2023- Details Are Here

The quality of education, brilliant teaching minds, excellent research infrastructure, and marvelous job opportunities make it a top pick for international students. This is why the UK gets more than half a million applications every year from different corners of the world.

You can speculate the rush of admission during the primary or secondary intake. Applying in the middle or late of the intake session will keep you in doubt until your admission is finalized. So, it is recommended by Craydel to start early for applying to UK universities.

You should know that 80% of admissions are done in the primary intake i.e. September intake. If you plan early, you can get admission in this intake and the benefit of getting admission in the September intake is that you get the best college, and study program.

Understanding the Application Timeline

Application Timeline for studying in the UK

Intake Tentative admission deadlines
September/October- Fall February to May
January/February- Winter June to September
May January or February

If you are applying for September intake, you must start your application process in February and complete it by May as you will also prepare for English language proficiency tests. When you clear IELTS/TOEFL, then only you can proceed to further steps.

For Winter and Summer intakes, you also need to follow the same procedure click here

Your chances of admission get stronger if you follow the below-given steps



This is a primary and the most important step for your admission to UK universities. The first thing you have to identify is how many universities are offering your course of interest. Once you have done this, now you need to find in which intake these universities open their application. You also need to know the details of the documentation required for admission to these universities.


Document Preparation

Here is the list of documents for admission to UK universities in 2024

  • Your completed application form
  • 2-3 SOPs
  • Application fee
  • CV/resume
  • Standardized GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, and IELTS test scores
  • Degree or high school certificates

Pack these documents when you have to depart

  • Visa
  • Passport
  • Immigration documents
  • National identity proof

Factors Influencing Application Timing

There are multiple factors that can affect your application process in the UK


Availability of Program– If you are not an early bird, you might lose a chance to secure your place in a top-ranking university or college. This is so because every international student wants to get into the best university, course structure, and teaching minds. As such, those who would apply early will get it as any seat in your program may not be available in your desired college or university. This would majorly happen during the September intake.

Intake Dates– Knowing the intake dates is also important as you will have 3 intakes to apply for. Suppose you missed the September intake, you can apply for the Winter intake. You must remember that your application deadline will be May for the previous September intake and September for the Winter or January intake.

Scholarship Deadlines– You should know that studying in the UK might get easier if you have the support of scholarships. Scholarships are a great boost to the morale of international students whose currency value is lower than in the UK. Make sure you apply at the right time to get your scholarship by fulfilling all eligibility criteria.

Application Deadlines for All Intakes


September or Fall Intake Application Deadline

Officially, the academic year in the United Kingdom begins in September, this is the reason why this intake has the highest number of admissions. The September or Fall intake is preferred by more than 80% of students of EU and non-EU regions since there is a large number of undergraduate and post-graduate course options.

The Fall intake is ideal for every international student (Nigerian & Kenyan) as the intake date aligns with the academic schedule globally. You can apply between February and May to conveniently make it to the UK in time.


January or Winter Intake Application Deadline

The second largest flow of admissions is seen in the January or the Winter intake in the UK. This offers a golden opportunity for those who missed September or Fall intake, September of the previous year is the deadline for the admission process to start.


May or Summer Intake Application Deadline

May intake offers a chance to apply in the UK for those international students who missed both intakes i.e. September and January. But that’s not the reason why Summer or Spring intake has its own advantages and disadvantages.

You may not be able to apply to all colleges and universities in this intake. But some top-notch universities will still open their doors for you. These universities are the University of Kent, Coventry University, Northumbria University, and Brunel University.

Understanding the value of the application deadline for the UK intakes is very important as it offers valuable time to prepare for admission. Whether you want to take admission in Fall or Winter or Summer intake, you need to prepare in advance. If you want a smooth admission process for the UK university, you can consult the Craydel team. We would be happy to help you. You just need to fill out our simple form.

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