Best Cities To Live And Study In Canada For International Students In 2024

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Best Cities To Live And Study In Canada For International Students In 2024

Studying abroad is undoubtedly a great career decision, and when it’s Canada, the decision becomes more respectable. Canada stands 3rd in the world providing high-quality education, an excellent lifestyle, and endless job opportunities. As an international student, you would be curious to know that Canada enrolls half a million international students yearly.

But wait, you might be wondering which city is best for your study program in Canada. Well, there are more people like you than you can imagine who research the best cities to study in Canada.

Craydel brings you comprehensive information on the cities, factors to choose your city, and more with the following descriptions.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Study Destination in Canada.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing a Student City.

  • Number of Universities
  • Global & Canadian Ranking of Universities
  • Scholarship Opportunities
  • Part-Time Job Opportunities
  • Quality of Education
  • Type of Intake
  • Numbers of Study Programs
  • Cost of Living & Transportation
  • Weather Conditions

Here is a list of the top cities to study in Canada


Q.S. World Ranking 2023 14
Location southwest of the provincial capital, Quebec City, and east of the national capital city of Ottawa.
Weather Winter starts in January and February, and temperatures drop to -20°C or below.

Spring begins in early April.

Hot and humid summers start in late May, with daily temperatures above 20°C-30°C.

Autumn season begins in late August, and the entire city is swamped with orange and brown leaves that look spectacular

Cost of living 9,700- 12,700 CAD
Top Universities in Montreal McGill University– is recognized for its Philosophy, MBA, and Art programs.

Universite de Montreal– Recognized for its Literature and Applied Science programs.

Concordia University– reputed for its Journalism, MBA, Art, and Engineering programs.

Polytechnique Montreal – reputed for its Electrical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, and Chemical Engineering programs.

Transportation Société de transport de Montréal (STM) operates the most preferred metro system in the city. A monthly travel pass would cost around 52 CAD.
City Overview Distinct seasons, the affordable housing market, and transit. Post-secondary education, low crime rate,  Vibrant nightlife, low tuition fees, excellent school system, museums, and proximity to the famous Mount Royal


Q.S. World Ranking 2023 15
Location province of Ontario
Weather In winter, temperature remains between 0°C-20°C

In summer, temperature varies between 10°C-30°C

In the spring and autumn seasons, the temperature remains around 10°C-12°C

Cost of living 31,000 CAD
Top Universities in Toronto University of Toronto – Recognized for its Engineering, MBA, and Arts programs.

Ryerson University – Recognized for its MSC programs.

Humber College is reputed for its Business Management and Computer Science programs.

York University is reputed for its Humanities, Diploma, Mass Media, and Art programs.

Trent University is reputed for its MSC and Sociology programs.

Transportation Toronto’s transit system is known for its high efficiency. In addition to the subway, several other public transport options, like buses operate at frequent intervals. The monthly cost of using Toronto’s public transit is approximately CAD 140.
City Overview It is a vast, vibrant city, a tourist location with indigenous sites where you can do many fun activities and have many new experiences and job opportunities in multiple sectors with a high wage.


QS World Ranking 2023 20
Location West Coast seaport, just 50 Km north of the U.S. border. Located in the Lower Mainland region of British Columbia
Weather Canada experiences mild winters with less snow but high rainfall. The average temperature rarely drops below 0°C. Summers tend to be dry, with temperatures ranging from 20°C-30°C.
Cost of living 2500 – 3500 CAD
Top Universities in Vancouver University of British Columbia – Recognized for its Engineering, Science and Technology,  and Psychology programs.

Simon Fraser University is recognized for its Political Science, Applied Science, and Art programs.


University Canada West – Reputed for its MBA, Applied Science, B.Com, and Art programs.

Vancouver Island University is reputed for its Tourism Management, Business Technology, and Art, Science, and Engineering programs.

Transportation commuter trains, a fleet of buses with high frequency, transit trains, and sea ferries.
City Overview diversified population, more job opportunities, less cold, and snowfall in winter. Sunny and dry summer.

To learn more about the best places to study in Canada for International Students, click here

Canadian Culture and Life in Canada

The culture of Canada is a mix of British, French, and indigenous civilizations. It is attributed as one of the world’s most diverse and progressive cultures. Toronto, a Canadian city, is branded as the most diverse city in the world.


There are two official languages in Canada, namely, English and French. Most citizens communicate in English, and only 2% communicate in French and other languages.

Canadian Food

The classic Canadian dish known as Poutine, which bears French influences, is celebrated as Canada’s iconic national culinary creation. It consists of a delectable medley of cheese curds, crispy French fries, and a flavorful brown gravy. It is a huge country with dishes that vary from one region to the other. Some of the traditional Canadian dishes are butter tarts, Saskatoon berry pie, Nova Scotian donair, Montreal–style bagels, split pea soup, maple taffy, and ketchup chips.

You must choose your Canadian city to study carefully. It is because you might not regret it later as there are several excellent colleges and universities, so put your effort into getting selected for the best one. Talk to our experts if you want to know more about which city to choose. At Craydel, we have a large team of counselors who will make everything easy for you. You just need to fill out our form.

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