High Paid Part Time Jobs For International Students In Canada In 2024

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High Paid Part Time Jobs For International Students In Canada In 2024

When study in Canada, many international students (Nigerian & Kenyan) wish to do part-time jobs to meet their financial goals. As an international student, you can earn in several ways as the Canadian government has allowed international students to work (under certain conditions).

You, as a part-timer, can work some evenings and weekends, basically 20 hours a week. Some jobs will offer you more flexibility or let you build your schedule entirely.

There are multiple benefits of working part-time while studying; the major one is gaining work experience in Canada. This is one of the first requirements to settle in Canada if you wish to.

Job Opportunities for International Students


A wide range of jobs is available to international students in Canada, depending on their choice of work. You can work on-campus assisting your lecturers or university staff. You can also work off-campus, but you would need to find the job yourself here. Co-op and internship opportunities are also available for you.

Searching for a job near your school? Well, why not work right at your school? There would be a whole range of jobs inside your institution- such as the library, at the athletic center, or as a help to your professor.

And finding an on-campus job isn’t just convenient, it also allows you to get more involved in the student community- as well as help you build a network with professors and students whom you would have never met.

How much you earn depends on the type of work you get on campus. However, trends say you’ll make at least minimum wage. The condition differs in each province, but you can get between $11.45 and CAD 16/hour nationwide.

As per, the average salary of a student ambassador is $ 35,100 per year or $18 per hour.

Off-Campus Employment


Who can work off campus?

You and your employer must ensure you have a work permit before you start working. If you start working without a work permit, you may have to leave Canada.

Eligibility requirements

You can work off campus without achieving a work permit if you fulfill all of these requirements:

  • You’re a full-time international student at a designated learning institution (DLI)
  • You’re enrolled in
    • a post-secondary academic, professional, or vocational training program or
    • a secondary-level vocational training program (Quebec only)
  • your study program
    • Is the minimum 6 months long or
    • carry a degree, diploma, or certificate
  • You’ve started studying
  • You have a Social Insurance Number (SIN)


If you’re a part-time international student at a DLI

You can work off campus only if:

  • You fulfill all of the requirements above, except the requirement of being a full-time student, and
  • You’re only studying part-time, rather than full-time, because:
    • You’re in the last intake of your program of study, and you don’t have a full course load to finish your program and
    • You were a full-time international student in your study program in Canada up until your last intake

Types of Off-Campus Jobs

There are many types of off-campus jobs, but we’ve curated a list of the top-paying jobs for international students.
For reference, the minimum wage for students in Canada is in and around CA$13 (it changes a little from state to state). As is the case in any country, the most popular part-time jobs often pay close to minimum wage, but we’ve tried to find ones that pay above that.
Here are the top 5.


Canada loves coffee and is one of the largest coffee-consuming countries globally. So, what would be better than working in a top Coffee chain like Barista? Working as a Barista will make you efficient in making coffee and allow you to practice your English skills. You can make CAD 13.26/hour on average across Canada.  (Average CA$14 per hour)

Sales Assistant

Working as a sales assistant can be a brilliant way to improve your language skills in a dynamic environment. As a sales assistant, you’ll handle the cash register and assist customers inside the store. Although this position requires you to stand on your feet throughout the day, you probably won’t have to work excessively early mornings or late nights. You can earn 17 CAD/hour.


Being a bartender or a restaurant waiter might not be the job that pays the most per hour in Canada, but here’s a cool tip: Canadians generally give a 15-20% tip for good service. This means you can earn a lot in tips! Depending on the place and how busy it is, you could make hundreds or even over a thousand dollars a week. So, if you enjoy working with people and providing excellent service, this could be a great job for you!


You know those subjects you’re really good at, like Math or Science? Well, you can use your skills to help other students and earn some money on the side!

You get to decide how much to charge, but most tutors in Canada make around $16 per hour. Finding students might take some effort, but with social media, it’s easier than ever to connect with them. So, if you’re great at a subject, why not try tutoring? You can make some extra cash while helping other students succeed. (Average CA$16 per hour)

Dog walker 

Nowadays, folks are super busy with their daily routines, and some are even willing to pay for a dog-walking service. It might sound unusual, but it’s a fantastic opportunity! You can either join existing dog-walking businesses or start your own.

If you decide to go solo, remember that in big cities, you might need to get a municipal license. Don’t worry, it’s usually a straightforward process that you can set up with a quick Google search. Once you’re licensed, all you need to do is find your furry customers, gather up those adorable dogs, and hit the streets for some fun walks!

What are the advantages of Co-op?

As an international student, you can showcase your abilities, gain a deeper understanding of Canadian work culture, and expand your professional network. This experience can open up new opportunities both within and outside of Canada.

  1. Networking
  2. Try to know and settle in the Canadian workplace
  3. Gain experience
  4. work full time (get more money)
  5. Put into practice everything you have studied

Benefits of Internship Programs

 As an international student, you may want to gain some work experience, build a strong network of students, make connections with your professors, and more. What if you get some money for doing these jobs? Isn’t it a great way to support yourself and your family members in a foreign country? Internship programs bring these opportunities to you, and you can earn by staying inside or outside your school campus-

  • Build a strong resume.
  • Expand your professional network.
  • Gain your independence
  • Lets you explore your options
  • Strengthens you build your skills

Financial aid would greatly help you as you may have pursued educational loans to study in Canada. Why bear the burden of repayment when you can work along with your study? You can earn a thousand Canadian dollars annually by giving some valuable time. You may or may not need a permit to work in Canada, but it would depend on your school’s regulations. Make sure you will be working with permission.

However, if you need more help knowing about job conditions in Canada, expert counselors at Craydel will love to help. You only need to fill out our form.

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