Can You Get A Post Graduate Work Permit In Canada In 2024- Learn How To Apply

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Can You Get A Post Graduate Work Permit In Canada In 2024- Learn How To Apply

Canada is one of the top study destinations in the world that offers excellent academics at a higher level. There are various courses at the postgraduate level that can shape your career. But the best part of postgraduate disciplines is that you can get a post-graduation work permit (PGWP), that is you can work along with your study.

The post-graduation work permit (PGWP) of Canada permits international students who have completed their studies at a post-secondary institution in Canada to gain valuable work experience in Canada. PGWP work may help you support your application to become Canada’s permanent resident.

PGWP or Post-Graduation Work Permit is provided to help international students gain some work experience along with their studies. Having Canadian work experience in the Training, Education, Experience, and Responsibilities (TEER) categories 0, 1, 2, or 3 through the PGWP Program can assist international students (Nigerian and Kenyan) in meeting the needs for permanent residency in Canada through the Canadian Experience Class within Express Entry.

Students who have finished their study program

International students who have completed their studies may work (under paragraph 186(w) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations [IRPR]) whereas their Post-Graduation Work Permit application is being processed, given they satisfy the following criteria:

  • they are or were holders of an authorized study permit while applying for the PGWP application
  • they were full-time student admissions taken at a DLI in a post-secondary academic, professional, or vocational training program
  • they were legally allowed to work off campus without a work permit
  • they did not exceed the permitted hours of work

To learn more about the Post-Graduation work permit program click here

 How long is a post-graduation work permit valid?

The duration of a PGWP or post-graduation work permit may be anywhere between nine months to three years. The duration of PGWP will depend on the length of the program of study you completed in a Canadian school. The permit won’t be more than the duration of your study program if your program is less than eight months.

If you use PGWP effectively, you can get a permanent residency in Canada. If you, as an international student, merge Canadian education into significant full-time work experience, you would be in a great position to apply through the Canadian Express Entry immigration system.
With work experience and a Canadian educational credential, you, as an Express Entry applicant, will earn valuable extra points towards your comprehensive ranking system (CRS) score, making them more competitive amongst other applicants in the run for permanent residency.

How to apply for a post-graduation work permit?

A step-by-step guide for you

You can apply for PGWP from inside or outside Canada if you’re eligible.

For applying for a PGWP or post-graduation work permit, you have up to 180 days after your graduation.

When you apply, you must validate the following:

  • that you attended and finished your study program
  • the name of your study program and
  • The length of your study program

You can validate these by submitting any of the following:

  • Your degree or diploma
  • your transcript or
  • an authorized letter from your school

If your study permit is to expire before you complete your study program, you have 2 options. You can

  • apply for a visitor record to remain in Canada longer or
  • Leave the country and apply for your PGWP


If your study permit expires before you apply for PGWP

In case you forget to update your status to the visitor before your study permit expires, you can still apply for a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) within 90 days to regain your status as a student.


To reinstate your status as an authorized student, you must

  • apply online for your PGWP and pay a fee of $255 (CAD) and
  • pay the fee to reinstate your status as a student by paying $350
  • Due to the system limitations, you must pay the fees to reinstate your status as a student online and add a copy of the receipt to your online application for PGWP. You don’t have to make a separate application to reinstate your status as a student.

You can’t work until your study and work permits have been authorized.

If you don’t apply within 90 days, or if the 90 days have already passed, you must leave Canada.

Documents required for PGWP application

Before you can apply for a PGWP, you would have to submit one of the following to validate you’ve completed your studies:

  • a degree or diploma
  • An official certificate, or a copy of your certificate from your university’s website
  • An official letter from your university/college/school

We may ask for other documents once we receive your application.

If you need to extend your PGWP or change its conditions

If you need to extend or modify the conditions of your PGWP, you must submit a paper application. Please note that you can only extend your PGWP if your passport expires before the validity period of your PGWP.

The postgraduate work permit has multiple benefits for international students who have completed their study programs. Meanwhile, there are various things they need to know and learn before applying for a PGWP in Canada. This guide carries detailed information, though if you seek help from education experts, Craydel is always at your service. Feel free to get in touch by filling out our simple form.

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