Cost Of Living In Canada For International Students In 2024

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Cost Of Living In Canada For International Students In 2024

Hey there, future international student! When you’re gearing up for your study adventure abroad, there’s a whole checklist of things to tackle. But here’s a tip: Put the cost of living right at the top! Yup, even before you dive into tuition fees, visa paperwork, and passport stuff.
Why, you ask? Well, because your Canadian college or university will want to see that you’ve got enough dough to cover your food, housing, and all those other daily expenses – for you and any family members tagging along.

So, you gotta keep a certain amount of money in your bank account for that. Plus, here’s the cool part – you can be a savvy spender! Think about it, you’ll need to get to college every day, right? So, why not hunt down the cheapest ways to commute? Being smart with your money can make your study adventure even more awesome!


Components of Cost of Living

Study in Canada is not only a gateway to quality education but also saves a lot of money compared to other countries. The average tuition fee for international students in Canada in 2024 is CAD 20,000 – CAD 30,000 per year.


International Student Tuition in Canada 2024

Here is the cost of studying in Canada in 2024 for the field of study

Field of Study Undergraduate Tuition Fee (CAD) Graduate Tuition Fee (CAD)
Computer and Software Engineering $18,700 and 61,350 CAD $ 15,400 CAD to 35,000 CAD.
Business, Management, and Public Administration $32,460 $27,296
Mathematics, Computer, and Information Sciences $37,040 $19,088
Education $23,591 $17,583

Books and Supplies

Here are the average prices spent on books in the top five Canadian universities

University Average Spent on Books
Vancouver International University $1478.88
Cape Breton University $1500.00
University of Windsor $1500.00
University of British Columbia $960.00
Seneca College $875.00

Accommodation Cost

Finding on-campus housing inside the premises of Canadian universities can be tedious. Students should consider whether on-campus housing is convenient for them, as they will have to share bedrooms, bathrooms, dining rooms, and other facilities with their roommates and other students.

Here is the breakdown of accommodation costs for international students in Canada

Accommodation Type Average Cost (CAD)
Homestays $1000 – $1500 per month
Dormitory $4,000 – $16,500 per school year
Renting $700 – $2,500 per month

Living Cost

The average monthly living cost for international students in Canada ranges between CAD 600 and 800 for groceries and other daily expenses, excluding accommodation.

Living Expenses Average Cost (CAD)
Foods and groceries $300 – $400
Restaurants $12.00 – $35.00
Transportation $100.00 – $150.00
Utilities $92.00 – $322.00
Rent per month $941.67 – $2,250
Clothing $25.00 – $80.00

Accommodation Options and Costs

Homestays- Homestays are the safest and most friendly type of accommodation for international students who come to study in Canada. These accommodation types also help in improving your English as you meet new people, mostly from English-speaking nations. Homestays offer a private room, and the school arranges meals.

Dormitories- Dormitories are generally located near your school or college campus. You get a private or shared room, and they’re separated by gender. Usually, the kitchen, bathroom, and other amenities are shared by all dormitory students.


Renting- Renting varies in price, availability, and quality. Students share rooms to keep their costs down. You can rent various places such as apartments, suites, or houses.

 To learn more about the cost of study in Canada for international students click here

Security Deposits

Before renting a unit, it’s common for landlords in Canada to ask for a security deposit, also known as last month’s rent. Typically, landlords cannot exceed this deposit to the cost of one month’s rent as per the guidelines of the Canadian government.


Types of Utilities Average expense/month
Electricity $50 to $150
Gas $30 to $100
Water $30 to $50
Internet & Phone $50 to $100
Home Insurance $15 to $50


Public transit – Many Canadian cities offer public transit systems that are trusted and affordable as well as manageable, making them a great transport option for international students. The costs of public transit depend on the city and the pass you buy. A monthly pass in general costs between $70 and $120.

Biking – Cycling is a renowned and economical transportation option in Canada. You can buy a bike and accessories for anywhere from $200 to $500. If you know biking, this can save a lot of money.

Taxis– You can also transit through taxis sometimes as they are available in most Canadian cities, but can be expensive. You can generally expect to pay between $10 to $20 for a short ride and more for longer distances.

Rideshare– Uber and Lyft-like rideshares are widely available in most Canadian cities and can be a great way of transportation as well.

When you’ve planned to study abroad such as in Canada, you can’t ignore the cost of living as there is a vast range of expenses you will have to manage. From tuition fees to renting and transportation, you’ll have to make sure you’re having the best option at a minimum price. If you want detailed knowledge about affordable living costs to study in  Canada, get in touch with us by filling out a simple form.

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